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6 Undeniable Reasons Why a Simple Website Design is Way Better

6 Undeniable Reasons Why a Simple Website Design is Way Better

With the increasing competition in the online space, at times, brands go overboard with their website design with an overwhelming amount of graphics and effects.

However, in reality, what really works for the audience is a simple and clean website design which is not only easy to comprehend but, easy on the eyes too.

This has been proved scientifically as well, with the help of several surveys and studies done by experts in the field, that simplifying your website design can make the difference between success, or failure when it comes to your business’s website!

Simple website design makes communicating with the target audience convenient.

It is a smart strategy when it comes to building your company’s website. Not only does it take less time to develop a simple, organized, streamlined website, but it can maximize your conversions, too!

So if you are a website designer or the business owner who’s been grilling your design team to create a graphic filled website, then wait before you read this article; as we bring you 6 scientifically proven and undeniable reasons why simple website design is way better than a complex design.

Simple website design helps in conversion

Website conversion; the main objective for every website owner! 

It is understood to get tempted with the use of over-the-top graphics in your website design in order to get the visitor’s attention. However, studies have shown that it is the simple design layouts in a website that works way better in not only getting the visitor’s attention but, also communicating the core message clearly. 

simple website design

Websites with minimalistic graphics allow visitors to easily make purchases or find important information without feeling like someone is actively trying to make them do so. 

This doesn’t mean that you cannot use flashy images or bold color schemes on your website. But, that should ideally be kept only for the important elements on your webpage; such as the CTA button, contact form, subscription box, etc.

Simple website design defines your brand clearly                       

A lot of websites tend to rush into throwing discount offers and subscription deals on the faces of a website visitor. 

No one likes it! 

It’s irritating and not useful at all. 

Nobody wants to be told to buy something before they even know what it is they’re supposed to be buying. Such tactics, rather, undermines your brand’s image as your potential customers lose interest and leave your website immediately. 

simple website design

The objective of a website is to provide all the necessary information about the brand to the visitors.

-What the brand is?

-How can it help with the problem at hand?

-What is the solution process?

-How effective is the solution in terms of credibility? 

These are some of the important things that your website must inform a visitor so that they can decide whether to go with your solution or not.  

Simple website design is not time-bound

It is considered to be a ‘cool’ tactic to go with the trend and create custom website designs for your brand to get more visitors. 

However, what many fail to realize is that such a technique restricts your website design for a limited period of time. 

In order to stick to the trend, one would have to keep updating their website design every year (or maybe every 6 months). And that’s definitely not beneficial for brands looking to get success through their websites. 

Minimalistic design is probably the only graphic design trend that has remained relevant pretty much since the advent of the internet; and will continue in the foreseeable future. 

Using simple website design, therefore, makes your business website timeless and proves to be cost-effective by saving you a lot of money; eventually.

Simple website design takes less time to load

It should not come as a surprise at all, since the loading speed of a website is one of the biggest factors that determine its success. 

Several studies and surveys have established this fact that viewers abandon a website after mere seconds of load time (4-5 seconds to be precise). 

simple website design

The loading time of a website is directly proportional to the number of heavy image files installed throughout the website pages. So, clearly, the more complex design you create for your website, the longer it will take to load, and the higher will be the bounce rate of visitors. 

This is important considering the fact that the website visitor would want to explore your website as quickly and get all the information as fast as possible. They don’t want to wait and gaze at their laptop/mobile screens while your website’s page is still loading. 

Having said that, it is understood that avoiding graphics completely is also not possible (and isn’t recommended as well). 

The best way out in such a situation is to optimize your graphics before using them in your website design

Additionally, a significantly faster loading website also helps with SEO techniques as well. Search engines take your website’s load time into consideration when calculating your ranking. A faster load time means a higher placement in the search engine results.

Simple website design is mobile-friendly

According to a report from Statista, mobile devices account for over 48% of total web page views; worldwide. 

This, clearly, shows why it is important to create a mobile-friendly website design

Since a huge number of your website visitors are likely to do it from their smartphones, it is important that your website design is equally comprehensible on mobile (or tablet) devices as it is on laptop or desktop devices.     

simple website design

And, it is for this reason why brands are always recommended by experts to create responsive/adaptive designs for their website. 

Now, it is not that tough to realize that simple website design is easier to translate onto a small mobile screen in comparison to a busy, visually complex design. This is a huge benefit of a simple website design considering the amount of traffic your website would receive through mobile devices.

Read more about adaptive and responsive website designs in this blog.

Of course, a few of you would consider making two separate websites for the two different platforms. But, that will only be going to increase your work time and operational cost. 

Simple websites look better and are easier to navigate on small mobile screens than graphics-dense designs. With fewer moving pieces to juggle, simple websites with limited design elements are just naturally more flexible.

Simple website design is more appealing

It is obvious to consider a graphics-rich website to appeal more to the audience. But, what many don’t understand is that it is the minimalistic approach in designing which actually is more attractive. 

In fact, a 2018 study by Google proved that visually complex websites are consistently rated as less appealing than websites with simple website design. 

Simple website designs with strict use of colors and images establish credibility, professionalism, and trust within the audience visiting your website. 

Using a minimalistic style to create custom website designs is, also, a great way to showcase the use of inclusive designs, which is a very huge positive for brands as it helps improve the brand image and portrays a positive ideology. 

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To conclude…

So, these were 6 strong reasons that established the importance of creating a simple website design and how it is much better than creating a flashy, graphic-rich website. 

If you are looking for professional support with your business’s website design then simply get in touch with us at and one of our design experts will be there to help you.