7 Reasons Why Having a Business Logo is Important

7 Reasons Why Having a Business Logo is Important

Can you imagine having a body but no face, and still expect people to recognize you!? No, right!? That’s exactly, simply put, is what a logo means to your business. 

Having a unique and relevant business logo is one of the first steps you should take when starting your business. And, if you thought that creating a business logo design is something you can keep for later consideration, we have listed out 7 strong reasons why it must be your top priority.

It’s your brand’s identity

The first and the biggest reason to have a business logo is IDENTIFICATION. As explained earlier, if you don’t have a face, how is your audience going to recognize you and your business? Having a logo for your business is akin to giving your products and services a face; an identity!

Creating a brand identity is crucial and it takes years to achieve this goal for any company. Popular brands like Coca Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Apple, etc. took decades to establish their brand identity among the masses.

    importance of having a business logo importance of having a business logo importance of having a business logo

So, if you think you have time to consider creating a brand logo for your business later in your operation plan, then you are already too late. No face, no identity; it’s that simple!

Communicate with your audience

A very important aspect of any business is marketing. And to market your business you need to use an image that symbolizes your products and services. The key aspect of any marketing gimmick is to hold your audience’s attention long enough. A logo does that for your business.

                                 importance of having a business logo

Consumers are known to have a short attention span, given the number of products and services available today for any line of business. So, in order to grab your target audiences’ attention for that short time span, you need to create a logo design that is powerful enough to convey your company’s core message.

Creates a great impression

               importance of having a business logoimportance of having a business logoimportance of having a business logo

Several global marketing surveys have established the fact that companies with a well-designed logo are more likely to create trust within their audience. Another study shows that close to 60% of consumers would prefer buying a product or a service from a brand that they trust. Thus, having a well-crafted business logo can help create a great impression within your audience and instill the trust to push them to buy from you.

Distinguish you from the competition

Burger King and McDonald’s, both, sell burgers. Then how does one differentiate between the two (without eating)? Through their individual brand logos, yes!? Absolutely.  

In other words, every company needs some distinguishing factors to market and display its products and services. Having a well-designed business logo helps in achieving this objective.

                            importance of having a business logoimportance of having a business logo

Through your brand logo, you can help your customers choose your products and services when there are several others available under the same roof, or within the same area.  

Creates brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is something every business aims for in the long run and must create for sustainability. Having a loyal base of customers helps a business grow and a business logo plays an important part in fostering loyalty within your target audience.

                                         importance of having a business logo

Your company logo is one of the first things your customers will look for when receiving any kind of communication from your end. 

So, in order to establish that loyalty within your customers, you should certainly work strategically on your business logo.

Visuals make it easy to remember

                                    importance of having a business logo

Giving your customers a graphical representation of your company in the form of a logo helps them to remember your brand; whenever and wherever they see it. Having a logo makes it easier for a brand to be available everywhere your customers are. Be it through social media posts, YouTube videos, outdoor banners, or newspaper ads. Seeing your business logo helps create a Top-Of-The-Mind-Recall effect for your target audience.

Invites new customers

                                         importance of having a business logo

So, what!? Once, you have created a strong brand identity and a huge base of loyal customers, you simply do away with your business logo? The answer to that is no!. A logo is your identity and it shall sustain forever. Not simply for your already existing customers but, also to expand your customer base and convert your prospects into new loyal customers.

To conclude...

As clear from the above discussion, having a strategically designed business logo is extremely crucial and must be a priority. GraphicsZoo has been catering to fulfill the need to create business logos for companies from all industry segments for several years now. With a dedicated team of experienced and professional graphic designers, you can get your business logo created in no time. Connect with us to understand how we do it.