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7 Significant Characteristics of a Successful Label Design  

7 Significant Characteristics of a Successful Label Design  

The overall packaging of a product is one of the first things which helps in getting the attention of the audience; especially, if it’s a new product on the shelf.

However, it is the label design that ensures the product is picked up from the shelf and is purchased by the consumer.

Now, given the fierce competition present in the market, it becomes very important to ensure a unique label design for the product to be distinguished.

If you are one such product-based business, struggling to get your products purchased from the shelves of a convenient store, then this article is important for you.

Here are 7 significant characteristics that define a unique label design which you should follow for your product’s labeling.

Image clarity

One of the obvious deterrents for consumers to avoid looking into a product, let alone considering buying it, is the lack of clarity in its design.

You cannot expect your product to get attention if its design is all over the place. 

For a label design to be successful, it has to have clarity through consistency and a proper visual hierarchy.

Relevant color scheme

Apart from the fact that it is one of the main elements of graphic design, color plays a very significant role in making a unique label design.

Every color shade has its own unique psychological impact on a consumer’s mind. And, therefore, it is important that your product’s label design includes colors that your target consumers can relate with.

Inclusion of necessary information

The main objective of designing a label for a product is to provide all the information, associated with the product, to the consumers.

A successful label design will, therefore, have every bit of information that the consumer must have that can help them make the purchase decision.

The ingredients, the benefits, the quality standards, contact information, usage timeline, etc.

Use of brand logo

Label design is a part of the overall marketing design plan for a business. So, it’d be a grave mistake if the business logo is not used on the design.

After all, it is through the brand logo that the consumers will be able to recognize your product if they see it in some other form at some other place; such as a social media banner ad.

Therefore, it is recommended to create a custom label design, so that the logo of your brand can be placed accordingly. 

Legible fonts

In one of the earlier points, we discussed the importance of sharing all necessary information in your label design.

Now, sharing all the information may not turn out to be a successful way of communicating with your audience if they are not able to understand your message in the first place.

Typography used in the label design plays a huge part in ensuring successful and clear communication.

Proper label dimension

A great way to create a unique label design for your product is through the size and shape of the label.

Of course, the label size and shape would depend largely on the type of packaging that you have for the product.

It is, in fact, a good opportunity to successfully execute all the earlier discussed characteristics of creating successful label design.

You can always have a separate label for the front and back of your product, that will allow you to be clear with your logo placement and brand name while providing all the necessary information at the back.

Good paper quality

When we talk about designing something that will, eventually, be printed on a piece of paper it is imperative to make sure the quality of the paper is high.

You can have all the right colors, fonts, and images for your label design but, if the print material is not good, everything goes in vain.

Using high-quality paper will not only ensure the durability of the label design even in harshest of the conditions but, also can play a huge part in attracting consumers.  

Also, the right material for print can bring together all the other characteristics to provide a unique label design output.

To conclude…

Label design is often ignored in comparison to the overall packaging of a product. However, the above discussion clearly explains why it is important to have a professional label design.

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