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8 New Packaging Design Trends You Can Expect in 2021

8 New Packaging Design Trends You Can Expect in 2021

In marketing, consumer behavior can be such a fickle thing. In fact, consumers’ subjective wants and objective needs change every year without fail, making it an ever-changing business landscape.

Because of this, brands are left with no choice but to constantly adapt their image in order to catch up and not get left behind by their competitors. This trickles down to even their product packaging designs, making way for packaging design trends that evolve each year.

In this article, we’ll tell you 8 new packaging design trends that you can expect in the next year that you can apply to your business.


1. Hygienic packaging

in these unprecedented times we are all currently facing gave birth to a new normal that affected the entire industry, including packaging design. Consumers have become conscious and wary of the products they buy from stores to ensure their health and safety.

Though consumers have shifted their purchasing priorities to products that keep them safe, it doesn’t mean that creative design can no longer be incorporated into their packaging designs. 

Hygienic packaging designs are bio-safe packaging concepts that minimize consumers’ exposure to possibly contaminated products.

These can be applied, for example, by putting an extra peel off skin that customers can remove when they receive the product.

Another example of a hygienic packaging design is putting an added protective cover to surfaces that may come in contact with customers, like the opening of soda cans.


2. Minimalist packaging

packaging design trends 2021

Minimalism packaging design has been around for a very long time, but packaging designers have come up with lots of new ways to execute this design trend to keep it fresh and new to consumers.

Minimalism is regarded for its cleanliness and simplicity. 

Typography based design is one way to have a minimalist packaging design while still keeping important product information intact.

Minimalism can also be observed through the use of clear packaging design. Clear packaging’s strength lies in authenticity and transparency by showing the product as is—ensuring product freshness and good quality. 

Why attach a picture of the product on the packaging when you can show it to your customers directly? With a clear packaging design, you’re letting your product shine and speak for itself.


3. Maximalist packaging

packaging design trends 2021

In contrast to minimalism, maximalist packaging design makes use of loud and excessive design elements. This design trend gives products a bigger and louder personality that certainly drives customers’ attention. 

Maximalism takes advantage of the entire packaging space with detailed and intricate design, giving the packaging a more crafted and sophisticated look.


4. Biodegradable packaging

Like hygienic packaging, the biodegradable packaging design trend is also a smart and ethical approach to packaging design that stemmed from a pressing global issue we’re currently facing.

The adverse effects of climate change affected the entire world, making a huge impact on consumers’ purchasing behaviors. This problem caused them to switch to sustainable purchasing practices like buying biodegradable materials.


5. Reusable packaging


Another environmentally conscious approach to package design is the use of reusable packaging. Reusable packaging can be used for its same intended purpose or an entirely different one.

As an effort to reduce waste, there are brands that use reusable bottles that can be refilled in certain refilling stations.

There are boxes that transform so it can be used for other purposes like cat houses, for example.


6. Functional packaging

packaging design trends 2021

More than meets the eye—functional packaging is a type of packaging that is not solely used as a container for products. They also have other uses that can provide convenience and ease of use to its users or enhance their consumption experience.

This packaging design trend provides comfort to its users because it makes their lives easier. Most functional packaging designs are made so that customers can use the product without using extra tools or any additional help.


7. Foil stamped packaging

Foil stamping is a packaging design trend that uses metallic foil impressions as embellishments to the packaging. Its use of metallic shine gives the packaging a premium, high-quality feel that looks expensive, attracting the attention of customers that are hard to impress.

There are different metallic finishes that can be used in foil-stamped packaging designs such as:

- Gold

- Silver

- Copper

- Rose gold


8. Experiential packaging

packaging design trends 2021

Sometimes, the way to a customer’s heart is through good storytelling. Touching your customers’ hearts can make them take an interest in getting to know your product and eventually build a relationship with your brand.

This is why experiential packaging is beginning to take traction as a trend for 2021. This packaging design trend makes use of great storytelling to give customers an enhanced unboxing experience.


To wrap it up

As a brand, keeping up with packaging design trends can give you leverage even from your fiercest competitors. Having good foresight on new and upcoming trends is a good way to anticipate future consumer behavior, making you stay ahead of the game.

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