Advantages of Including Infographics to Your Marketing Plan

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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“It’s not just about being better. It’s about being different. You need to give people a reason to choose your business.”

- Tom Abbott

Let’s face it! There is just too much content out there on the internet to consume and remember for a longer period of time. And, as a brand, the main objective for any company is to ensure that their content is not only consumed by its target audience but, is also remembered for a longer time period.

But with so much content available on similar topics, how can you make your brand content stand out and be noticed?

It is not an unknown fact that visual content is more effective than just plain text when it comes to sharing a brand’s message. Studies have shown that people can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. In comparison to about 10% of the written content three days after it’s read.

There are several such statistics available that prove using visual content for your marketing plan is far from being obsolete. And, one type of visual content tool which can be used effectively for your content marketing strategies is Infographics.

So, if you’ve been hesitant so far in adding Infographics to your marketing plan, and weren’t sure whether it would work for you or not, we give you 6 very strong advantages to prove that you should start using Infographics in your marketing plan asap.

Help grab the attention

advantage of using infographic

The use of pictures and colors, along with the text that you have prepared, create visually appealing graphic content. And, such graphical representation of the information you want to share with your audience grabs their attention more easily.

It is a common science-knowledge about human behavior that our brain processes visual information far better than what is presented in the text format. And, since most people have a substantially shorter attention span, they tend to scan content material as opposed to actually reading text.

If combined with well-written text, Infographics can be a very powerful tool to help your content cut through the information jungle and into your targeted audiences’ brains. Humans naturally love facts, figures, stats, and other graphical elements and if compelling enough, the information in your Infographics can really capture their attention.


Improve brand awareness

advantage of using infographic

When you create Infographics for your products and services, they comprise of your brand’s name, logo, and color combinations. This creates instant recall for your customers whenever they find the same pattern of colors or simply looking at your brand’s logo on some other piece of marketing material; such as a flyer, banner, sticker, etc.

This makes Infographics a great carrier of your brand and spreading awareness across a larger audience; eventually, increasing the loyalty for your brand.

It also is a good way to gain more opportunities for developing relationships with a wide variety of influential individuals, media, and organizations.


Are easy to comprehend

advantage of using infographic

Another very major advantage of including Infographics to your marketing plan is that they are easily digestible.

What we mean by this is, long lines and paragraphs of text may not be appealing to many people as much as visual elements do. And, this makes them take more interest in an Infographic than getting the same information in text format.

Not everyone has the time to read long-form content, nor do they always want to. With visual information, it becomes easier for your audience to understand what message you are trying to deliver while saving them the time and effort to read through long paragraphs.

Embeddable and portable

advantage of using infographic

The idea behind creating Infographics for marketing purposes was developed mainly due to its portability and ease of embedding.

The portability factor makes it easy to share and distribute your Infographics on several different platforms. Whether it is on social media, to your email subscribers, or even within blog posts and articles; they’re a great way to share information with others. You can even share it with your team members too.

The embedding of code to your Infographics, on the other hand, allows an automatic link from the site, where it has been shared, to your website. This is a great advantage to boost your SEO.

Support in traffic escalation

advantage of using infographic

In continuation of our last point where we discussed the impact on SEO through sharing and embedding Infographics, here’s another advantage of using Infographics to your marketing plan.

The more shareable an Infographic is, the more viral it becomes over the period of time, and higher becomes the rate of traffic hitting your website. This can help with Google's "Page Rank" algorithm, which is important for SEO.

Now, with an improved SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) ranking, you can generate more subscribers and followers to your social media pages as well as blog pages, which can open the doors to better interaction or engagement with your targeted audience.

This can make people more aware of your brand, products, or services – and eventually convert them into loyal customers.

Portrays you as the industry expert

advantage of using infographic

When you create a comprehensive infographic that has all the information your target audience might be interested in, you are doing them a world of favor.

The research required to create a compelling infographic takes time, knowledge, and experience; something your readers don’t have until you give it to them. It portrays you and your brand as the Subject-Matter-Expert in that particular field. Readers will appreciate the newfound knowledge and trust you as the expert next time the subject comes up.

This will, also, increase your online credibility and reputation as a business owner who has a key grasp of the concepts and relevant information in a particular niche.

To conclude…

The availability of content for a particular field of a topic is not a scarcity. The challenge, however, is to create and put out the content in the manner which makes it stand out from the rest and get your target audience’s attention.

Using Infographics is an effective way of working towards this by using visual elements that are relevant, interesting, and educational; making Infographics a very vital and effective tool for brands to include in their marketing plans.

GraphicsZoo has expertise in creating successful and fresh infographic designs for brands to convey their message effectively to their target audience. If you require any assistance in finalizing how to create infographics and how to add them to your marketing plans, simply send us a message on