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Emerging Trends in the Design Industry for 2019

Emerging Trends in the Design Industry for 2019

Your design can rule the world, but it can be outdated and you need to adapt to date.

2017 and 2018 brought crazy innovations and strong trends, which made an impactful contribution to design industries. It included flat-lays, duotones, double exposures, creative and cut typography, glitches, color palettes, bright colors, and many more. Some of these were rejected and some evolved into something great, ruling the current year.

The following are some emerging graphic design trends in 2019, to make your digital visibility stronger. Here we go

Ready Steady, 3D!

We cannot say time for flat design is over or not but certainly, the dimension game tends to be stronger, and needs to be as well. 2019 is all about reality and displaying it in the cleanest possible way. You need to add some breath in your flat design to represent how lively it is, instead of just being a boring picture. For example:

“The almost-stick figure way of illustrating humans in flat design can take on 3D form and be featured both in graphics and as avatars or brand mascots.”

pitch-com By: Pitch.com website illustrations by Kajdax

It also includes Isometric designs. An isometric design is a simple drawing method to draw a 3D object in two dimensions. It may sound highly technical and complex, but believe me, it is not. Instead, it can create a whole universe in little spaces. It has more reality and life than a flat graphical design. In addition, it is easy to save in a smaller file than 3D.

picks-way By: Pix Bay

Benefits of Having Reality

As we said above, we cannot say flat design is totally out, and here are the reasons.

Neatness and accurate perspectives are what everybody loves but this year these designs have evolved a step to set a stronger impression. It is a combination of flat design with real images that embrace liveliness, details and three-dimensional structure.

tubic-studio By: Tubik Studio

This kind of graphics is great to represent bold or impactful campaigns having sportsman spirit and survival strength. It is a source to attract real people towards your brand in the most trustful way. Obviously, wrong colors can give it a big bounce back and for such powerful representations, pastel colors and nature theme would be a wrong choice. Make sure, the color settings would be bright and bold to give it all the necessary elements, to make rock and shine!

Tips on Typography

Typography is another important element in designs this year, which has been evolving continuously from the previous year. This includes a wide range of multiple fonts, three-dimensional effects, and icons representation. In the last few years, we have noticed the requirement of one strong font to win the game, but this year welcome inclusiveness in design to create a proper influence.

devid-milen Paintblast Vol.1 by David Milan

Multiple fonts together can work and create one powerful graphic design, with an essence of collaging of words. Now it can be different types of fonts or it can also have 3D effects or some object representation of the letter.

khat-phat Designs by: Khatt Phatt

Usually, here letters are much stronger and covering than the graphic design itself. It can be “Buxom Serif” more precisely. Here, illustrations are getting lighter and fonts are boosting up the image and strengthening graphical purpose. Hence, this year bold fonts like San Serif have a special place, and it is not outdated. It can also be combined with other lighter elements as detailing.

text-art By: Design Work Life

Open Compositions Are Designer Friendly

Apart from having an edge-to-edge and framed finishes, this is the time to open up boundaries and limitations and out some creativity around. As we have told above that everybody loves an accurate perspective and a stronger and impactful image on a flat lay, but it is not a hard and fast rule. You do not need to be strict every time. In fact, open compositions make people feel like they’re seeing one beautiful piece of a bigger picture, like having elements fly on and off the page with ease, creating a glimpse of infinity.

“The power of open composition is its ability to tap into the audience’s imagination and spark curiosity.” it includes concepts aligning with three-dimensional designs, illustrations, and images on a flat board with 3d or detailed structure objects. It can have a variety of colors and tones in just one image. It can be a combination of monochrome with pastels and brights. Simply it is just about putting your creativity together for a “cool” result.

seowebdev By : SEOWEBDEV

Evolution in Tones and Gradients

2018 was all about different color effects including glitch, ruined, color channels, duotones, and double light. These were strong enough that this part did not face any sort of elimination from the trend, instead, it is evolving and continues to breathe this year with a bigger capacity. In fact, it had the potential to survive. Gradients or “color transitions,” as they are now sometimes called, have been a well-recognized trend for the past few years. Lately, they have definitely begun to creep back into logo design more. Simple unicolor logos are not enough, hence more and more are showing up with a somewhat gradient. Some expectations are the combinations, including blue and purple or red and orange but others use chunkier duotone fades.

It is not also limited instead; steady rise for warm and moody color palettes for photos is still in trend. In fact, photo colors of 2019 feel more like the days when cameras and screens were not able to capture deeply saturated colors. It can be incorporating some amount of black into each color; these photos have a warm and wistful vibe that neon colors will never compete with.

daily-poster Daily Posters by Magdiel Lopez


The best part which 2019 has, is that this design industry is open to choose and fuse to make even newer and eye-catching designs apart from certain presets. It includes happening of exciting things when designers embrace conflict, allowing room for inspiration to strike from every direction at once. Whether you make your work more abstract or bring your designs to life with 3D, it is about endless creativity.