Essential Website Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

Essential Website Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

As time goes, new innovations never fail to emerge, and trends in web design are no strangers to this fact. Each year, designers have to level with new website design trends that make every web experience better and easier for everyone.

This year, we have witnessed a lot of web design trends come and go—and there’s only going to be more next year. 

Here are just a few of them to look out for in 2021.


Mobile-centric responsiveness

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In the past few years, mobile users have outnumbered desktop users worldwide and, it’s likely to only get higher from here. 

People worldwide are, also, now spending more time using mobile devices than desktop. 

Because of this, web designers were forced to make responsive web designs from existing desktop sites that would suit smartphone users. 

Now, they are turning this process all the way around by starting the web design process from mobile-first.

For web developers, this method is easier to pull off because by starting with smaller screens, they start focusing on putting simpler functions first, then just adding more functions as the screen size increases. 

This is in contrast to web design with the desktop version first in mind. Earlier, it was to determine which functions to keep and which ones to set aside when adapting to smaller screens later on.


Rounded corners

website design trends 2021

With this gradual shift to a mobile-centric experience, websites are now also transitioning to the tap-friendly user interface through the use of rounded corners web design.

This click and tap friendly design encourages users to do call-to-action situations by making everything look like buttons. This softer looking design also looks friendlier, more natural, and less intimidating than the usual sharp-cornered design, making it easier on the eyes as well.

Human psychology also tells us that sharp corners (similar to knives and claws) are threatening, causing us to have a natural tendency to avoid them for safety. In contrast, rounded corners are considered safe and harmless.

This feeling of safety makes users “trust” the web design more, helping them get comfortable in their web experience.


Dark mode

website design trends 2021

The dark mode of web design is the usage of black or any dark color as the primary color for a website, as opposed to the default white. This web design is easier and less straining on the eyes, making it ideal for low light settings and nighttime use as our eyes adjust to the darker settings. 

Prolonged staring at bright screens could also damage our eyes in the long run.

To clarify, the web design trend for 2021 is not using dark mode as a mere alternative tool, but actually using dark colors as permanent primary web page colors instead of light or bright ones.

This design not only helps people relax by putting less strain on the eyes, but it also helps conserve energy and battery life, making it even more ideal for smartphone users.


Infinite scroll

website design trends 2021

The infinite scroll web design enables interaction with web sites by scrolling instead of clicking or tapping pagination buttons. This is commonly used by websites that have lots of content, like social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

This makes the experience of web navigation more seamless, continuous, and “infinite,” especially for mobile users, making them spend more time on the website. 

This web design also emulates a “newsfeed” experience, an endless stream of content at our convenience without interruptions and the extra effort of looking for and pressing buttons to be able to go somewhere or do certain actions.



website design trends 2021

They say, “less is more!”

Although it can be argued that the minimalism web design trend has been around for a while now, this trend is actually gaining traction again because designers are now prioritizing making web pages load faster. 

Since minimalist websites only require a few assets, they do just the job.

At its core, minimalist web designs strip websites down to its key functions and to a simpler and cleaner look.



website design trends 2021

Interactive web designs aim to give its users a more immersive web experience than regular websites. This type of web design attracts users and makes them engage more with the content on the website.

This web design trend doesn’t just help in improving the users’ web experience, but also in increasing web visits and engagements.


To conclude...

Overall, the general web design trend for the coming year is ease of use

The trends in web design mentioned above were developed not just for aesthetic purposes only, but they also solve problems by putting the users first and giving them ease in their web experience.

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