Favorite Fonts for Label Design Used by Food Brands

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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Label design is just one part of the vast realm of packaging design. It’s an effective way to make an impression on consumers and make them drive your food products off the shelves and into their carts. 

And because labels primarily contain product information, fonts have the most important role in its design. The font style used in food label design could complement or even enhance the product it’s supposed to sell.

In fact, among the 5 essential things to consider for effective label design, font pairings are one of the most important things to consider in label design. When choosing fonts for label design, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s clear, readable, and easy to understand. 

The font style you choose for your food label design also plays a factor in evoking emotions out of your consumers. You can make your label look appetizing, sophisticated, casual, or unique through font style alone.

In this article, we’ll give you some of the favorite fonts for label design used by food brands to inspire you in creating your own.

Stuffed Crust

Stuffed Crust is a familiar-looking retro style typeface that pops out of the surface. Designed by California-based creative Drew Melton in 2016, Stuffed Crust is a display sans serif typeface that looks great in food label design.

The weight of each character, the compressed kerning, and its rounded corners scream for attention while looking great no matter the size of the food label.

The Brilon

fonts for label design

Elegant with a little bit of sass, the Brilon typeface can make your food label look timeless. Created by German type designer Tobias Saul in 2017, Brilon is a stylized serif typeface inspired by the Art Deco art movement of the early 1900s.  

Its Art Deco roots are retro but the Brilon is its modernized and minimalist version. Its details add an attitude to food label design that makes it classy yet unique at the same time. 


Pink Lemonade

Sweet, chill, and natural, Pink Lemonade is a great typeface to use for just about any food label design. Made by type designer Nicky Laatz in 2019, Pink Lemonade is a typeface that has the natural texture of handwritten brush lettering.

Because of its natural texture and look, it’s perfect for food brand labels that want to look more casual and less intimidating.



fonts for label design

Aside from the Brilon, Mogan is another creation of German type designer Tobias Saul in 2019. This display serif typeface uses weight and curves that combine beauty and impact perfectly well together.


Palmer Lake

Palmer Lake is a combination of 2 handwritten typefaces, a print version, and a script version. This font duo was created by type designer Jen Wagner Co just last May this year. 

Even though the 2 versions look different, they still complement each other well because of their consistent stroke thickness. The contrast of uppercase print and lowercase script also works well together to give your food label design a more distinct personality.


Kindness Matters

fonts for label design

Made just last September this year by type designer Nicky Laatz, Kindness Matters was intended to be a “little reminder” for everyone using the typeface that kindness really does matter.

Kindness Matters is a brush print typeface with a watercolor texture built into it to give it more character. The little reminder behind the typeface also puts meaning into the typeface and makes it more affecting, resulting in a soft and easy typeface.

This is a good thing to consider in label design as consumers are still emotional human beings. Sometimes the best way to your customers’ hearts is to hit them right in their feelings.


Oranges & Lemons

Similar to Palmer Lake, Oranges & Lemons is a combination of 2 hand-lettered typefaces, a print version, and a script version. This is also one of type designer Nicky Laatz’s creations—one that she created just this November!

This duo is great for food label designs because the way it’s hand-lettered looks natural, making it look more authentic and familiar.


Sweet apricot

Fun and a little bit quirky, Sweet apricot is a clean script typeface made by Russian type designer Angelina Kovel last October of this year.

Unlike the script typefaces we’ve mentioned earlier, the Sweet apricot has no texture and uses a clean rendering of the lettering. This gives food label designs a casual but clean look that’s perfect for any type of customer. 


Monte Carlo

Distinct and mysterious, Monte Carlo is a serif typeface designed by the Australian group New Tropical Design last April this year.

Monte Carlo easily pulls off classic and experimental features to give your food label design a modern and nostalgic look that works well for a broad type of market.



fonts for label design

Like Monte Carlo, Classico is a sans serif typeface designed by the Australian group New Tropical Design last August this year.

Classico is the stylish counterpart of serif typeface Monte Carlo. Its sleek and clean design was intended to fit minimalist food label designs, making it look classic and trendy at the same time.


In conclusion

Those are just 10 of the favorite fonts for label design used by food brands out there. There are certainly more typefaces to choose from but hopefully, our list inspired and guided you enough to get you started in making a successful food label design.

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