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Free Graphics Design Certifications and Courses To Boost Your Career - Part 1

Free Graphics Design Certifications and Courses To Boost Your Career - Part 1

Our world has always been extremely visually reliant in order to make first cut opinions about anything. And if we look closely at the last decade, this dependability on visual aesthetics has increased many folds. 

Considering such extreme importance of visual aesthetics for brands, it should not come as a surprise when we tell you that graphic design has become one of the most prominent career options today. 

The demand for skilled graphic designers has been increasing steadily over the years and will keep increasing in the near future as well. 

So, how does someone who’s interested to make a career in graphic designing stay ahead in such a competitive environment? 

The simple answer to this is, by keeping oneself updated with the latest graphic design skills through several graphic design certifications and courses. 

Now, there are several colleges and universities that provide professional courses in graphic designing and offer graphic design certifications for 1 or 2 years. 

However, dedicating school time may not be an option for everyone. Also, not every individual may have the capacity to pay the high tuition fee for such courses. 

But, that should definitely not stop bright and enthusiastic candidates who are passionate about creative designing and want to make a career in graphic designing.

So, in order to help such creative artists who are looking to make a solid foundation for their graphic design career and, also those professional designers who are looking to escalate their career profile, we give you a list of 8 best low cost as well as free graphic design courses and certification. 

These courses and certifications are easily available online and are very easy to understand the basic concepts of graphic design. These graphic design certifications will help budding creative artists to stay ahead in this competitive environment and will make them a lucrative pick for recruiters. 

This article will be a two-part series wherein we’ll be sharing with you all the details of such low cost and free graphic design certifications as well as courses.

So let’s get started!

Graphic Design Certification by CalArts (Coursera)

free graphic design certifications and courses

This is one of the most comprehensive and premier graphic design certifications offered by the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). 

This four-course sequence graphic design program will teach you how to make a sophisticated graphic design. The skills of each course will be applied to a capstone project resulting in a branding project suitable for your portfolio.

One look at the curriculum and you will know why this is a top-notch graphic design course worthy of your investment and time. 

What you can expect from this program: 

– Get a deep understanding of conceptual tools for communicating in the field of graphic design. 

– Get started with motion graphics, interface design, and editorial design. 

– Sophisticated team of faculty members. 

This certification in graphic design is ideal for beginners who can enroll without any prior experience in the domain.

Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass (Udemy)

Udemy is a well-known online platform for acquiring several different skill certifications. This course on Adobe Illustrator CC is provided by renowned and certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor Martin Perhiniak. 

Perhiniak has been teaching Adobe applications for several years in classrooms, online courses and seminars globally and has an extensive client base including some really big brands such as


·Warner Brothers

·Cartoon Network


·and DC Comics

With all the years of project and teaching experience, Martin is perfectly placed to impart the knowledge and skills to make you an expert at designing using Adobe Illustrator. 

What you can expect from this course: 

– Master advanced Illustrator tools and techniques. 

– Learn some useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices. 

– Quizzes and tests at the end of each chapter. 

– Get hands-on experience of creating vector illustrations, colorizing traced hand drawings, and prepare graphics for web and print.

Web Designing Certification by University of Michigan (Coursera)

free graphic design certifications and courses

This online class, conducted by the University of Michigan, is most appropriate for all those who want to learn how to design stunning and professional-looking websites. 

During this 3 months course, you learn how to build an accessible and responsive web design portfolios using JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. 

Through this graphic design program, you stay updated with the latest technologies that you can use to develop and design top quality website designs that work on large screen browsers, tablets, and mobile phones. 

What you can expect from this course: 

– Learn HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Responsive Web design. 

– Quizzes, readings, and videos to engrave your knowledge. 

– Attend the program at your own schedule.

Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals (Udemy)

free graphic design certifications and courses

This is one of the most popular graphic design certifications available on Udemy that can be accessed at a very nominal fee. 

This graphic design course has been attended by thousands of budding designers, to date, to learn powerful illustration techniques in Adobe Illustrator along with mastering digital painting.

 What you can expect from this course: 

– Course provided by expert trainer who has been working in the 3D industry for over a decade.

– Targeted for aspiring designers as well as artists. 

– Learn how to create complex vector shapes using powerful tools available within Illustrator. 

This is a very quick 1.5-hour tutorial where ‘School of Game Design’ will help you learn Adobe Illustrator from scratch and teach you tools & techniques that you will actually use. 

To conclude…

So, with this, we end the first part of this 2-parts series of free graphic design certifications and courses that budding designers can take to enhance their career in graphic designing. We’ll be sharing the second part of this series soon. So stay tuned and keep designing.