Hidden Meanings Of 20 Famous Brand Logos

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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We are surrounded by logos in our life. The car we drive, the grocery we buy, the clothes we wear, etc.; logos are everywhere. And while we do remember and recognize our favorite brands from their logos, we hardly care to see if those logos really do have a meaning.

Of course, it’s not an interesting activity to look for the meaning of the logos we come across every day, but have you ever thought what exactly went behind the scenes while creating those logos?

It can be really interesting to know some of the stories about the logo creation of some of our most favorite brands, which might just make your jaw drop.

The thing is, most of the famous brand logos that we see on a day to day basis may look regular, because we’ve been seeing them for a long time now but, they have some very interesting hidden meanings.

So, today we’ll uncover those secrets for you and tell you the hidden meanings behind 20 such famous brand logos. You’ll realize it was right in front of you and you didn’t catch it.


The three ellipses in the logo of one of the leading automobile manufacturers TOYOTA combine to create all the alphabets of the company name.

brand logo design hidden meaning


If you observe closely, you’ll see that the letter ‘P’ in the logo of Pinterest is actually a shape of a board pin. 

brand logo design hidden meaning



The famous French bicycle racing tournament’s logo actually shows a cycling athlete in the logo using the texts. 

brand logo design hidden meaning


4. FedEx

The incredibly popular shipping company FEDEX has established its name as one of the fastest and precise in the industry of logistics. On looking closely, one can see an arrow shape between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’. The arrow represents the idea of moving forward with speed and precision; much like the brand name. 

brand logo design hidden meaning



You may know that your favorite ice cream parlor chain offers you 31 different varieties of flavors to enjoy. But, you may never have noticed that the same number is reflected in their brand logo as well. 

brand logo design hidden meaning


The logo of one of the leading headphone brands actually represents the head of a person listening to songs wearing headphones. 

brand logo design hidden meaning



This construction company has a simple logo. It spells out the name of the company — though in a unique way. It’s laid out to look like the floorplan of a home.

brand logo design hidden meaning



Unilever is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world manufacturing some of the biggest brand products. The ‘U’ logo of Unilever includes a variety of icons symbolizing some of their core products.

brand logo design hidden meaning


The logo of this San Francisco based networking giant actually reflects two elements connected with the brand. First is the electromagnet and second is the famous Golden Gate bridge; both through the bars above the name of the brand.

brand logo design hidden meaning



The famous German automotive MNC has a very straightforward logo when seen as it is. However, if looked closely, one can find the shape of a tire formed with the first two letters; ‘C’ and ‘O’.

brand logo design hidden meaning


11. H.A.C.I

The logo of this international NGO based out of Nigeria actually makes brilliant use of the white space between the image of the child and mother. It depicts the geographical map of the African continent. 

brand logo design hidden meaning


This French clothing company created an optical illusion with its logo. If you look closely, you can read the logo the exact same way upside down.

brand logo design hidden meaning



Just like what HACI made with their logo, similarly, this Australian yoga institute used the white space in the yoga pose to show the geographical map of Australia. 

brand logo design hidden meaning

14. LG

We all are pretty familiar with this leading electronics brand. What most people don’t realize, though, is that the letters in the logo actually help to create a face. The ‘L’ makes the nose and the ‘G’ makes up the rest of the face.

brand logo design hidden meaning


If you really want to see some high level of optical illusion being used to create business logos, check out this logo of LION BIRD. Do you see a bird first, or a lion? Both are there, though the lion is minimally so. The face is made up of the body of the bird, and your eyes fill in the rest in the negative space.

brand logo design hidden meaning



The logo of this Michigan state university organization is another great example of designing creative logos. It combines the look of a golfer taking a swing, with his trajectory displayed beside him, and the profile of a Spartan in his helmet.

brand logo design hidden meaning



The popular chip and salsa brand TOSTITOS stands for friendships and good times, and that reflects in its logo. If you observe the logo of this brand you’ll see the letters ‘TIT’ are actually two friends standing at a table and enjoying the chips. 

brand logo design hidden meaning



This logo of Milwaukee Brewers looks like a baseball mitt catching the ball, however, if you observe closely you can see the letters ‘M’ and ‘B creating the figure of the mitt. Smart play!

brand logo design hidden meaning



Before its acquisition by Oracle, Sun Microsystem was one of the highly popular computer hardware sellers. This logo of Sun Microsystem which looks like a diamond is actually the use of letters ‘U’ and ‘N’ in a manner that spells out ‘Sun’.

brand logo design hidden meaning



The logo of this famous chocolate bar has a figure of a bear hidden inside the shape of the mountain. This is basically to signify the fact that this chocolate has a honey flavor in it and is made in the ‘City of Bears’, Bern.

brand logo design hidden meaning


So, there you have it. These were 20 of some of the most famous brand logos which were designed with some outstanding creativity in mind. If you are looking for redesigning your brand logo or creating a new logo design for your business, simply let us know at support@graphicszoo.com