How Can You Identify A Professional Graphic Designer?

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A professional is someone who can do their best work when they don't feel like it. 

- Alistair Cooke

Not so long ago, the profile of a graphic designer was considered to be more of a casual one. A youngster with his/her drawing sheets and colors, working around some cool figures or sketches.

However, that image has transformed completely over the last 10 odd years with the evolution of digital technology.

Today, the job of a graphic designer is not only one of the most competitive ones and is in-demand but, also is a key profile requirement for every business.

A professional graphic designer is no more restricted to sketching figures and drawing images. 

They are required to execute several complex graphic operations that support the plans for creating a brand name.

Whether it is related to working on the UI/UX design of a website, creating custom logo design, or strategizing for the layout of print designs; businesses look for skilled and experienced graphic designers every time.

However, we understand that identifying a professional graphic designer can be challenging; given the number of millennials shifting to this profile lately.

You cannot simply risk hiring a novice designer or anyone who claims to be a designer just because their LinkedIn bio reads, “Creativity is my life”

There are certain traits of an experienced graphic designer which show that they are thorough professionals, and would understand the nuances of working with a reputed firm; such as yours.

So, if you, too, are looking for a professional graphic designer for your business marketing plans but, are not sure how to identify one, you are in luck.

We give you a comprehensive list of 15 traits to look for in a candidate to identify whether they are professional or simply a rookie. 

1.A professional designer is a Good Communicator.

2.A professional designer is the one who Can Take Criticism.

3.A professional designer Never Shy Away From Taking on New Challenges.

4.A professional designer always Has an Opinion.

5.A professional designer is Always Eager to Learn.

6.A professional designer is Logical in Their Approach.

7.A professional designer has Strong Work Ethics.

8.A professional designer will always Show Confidence in Their Work.

9.A professional designer is Business Savvy.

10.A professional designer Never Runs Out of Patience.

11.A professional designer Knows How To Manage Time.

12.A professional designer is Passionate About Their Field of Work.

13.A professional designer Has The Ability of Storytelling.

14.A professional designer is an Active Listener.

15.A professional designer is always ready to Push the Boundaries of Creativity.

To conclude…

So these were 15 qualities, or traits, that you can check in a candidate when planning to hire a professional graphic designer. Of course, all these traits won’t show during the interview session or by going through their resumes. But, you can always look for cues from the body language and the way a candidate responds to your questions; along with a thorough check on their portfolio and past projects.

And, if you are still not convinced with your choice, we are always here to help you with your graphic design projects. GraphicsZoo has a team of highly experienced designers with expertise in different categories that can help you with your business designs.

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