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How Much Can A Bad Graphic Design Cost Your Business?

“If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

- Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO, Jaguar Land Rover


Yes! That’s the plain and straight answer to the question in discussion here. Now, why a bad graphic design might cost your business a lot, and how, is what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Most of you may have heard of a very popular belief amongst customer-centric industries that, "it takes 5 hits to acquire a customer but only 1 mistake to lose them."

In the world where every business is competing to stay above and in the front line of their customers’ purchase funnel through websites, billboards, and other visual communication graphics, it is necessary that the presence is well reached out to the right target audience with engaging visuals that stick into their memories.

Unfortunately, several organizations – especially the ones with a tight budget – settle with an unstructured visual representation of their business and don’t really care about how their logo or entire website UI/UX looks like as they probably invest in some low-cost graphic designing.

Ask yourself this, when you visit a website yourself would you be willing to stay on and explore the webpages of that site if it’s not well constructed, is visually uncomfortable, and is not even close to providing what you are looking for?

Most likely not!

Then, why would your potential customer stay on your website or engage with your brand if it’s not designed attractively?!

Eventually, it all boils down to your BRAND and how you manage the BRANDING of your business. And whether a professional designer or not, we all know the importance of graphic design in establishing the brand position and defining the persona.

So, we have listed out a few important points which reflect why and how low-cost graphic design can be a bad choice for your business.

Branding gone wrong

As discussed in the beginning, the success of your business relies a lot on how you position your brand by creating effective visual communication graphics. And that clearly is the part played by your graphic design team; or the agency you have outsourced your graphic design services to.

cost of bad graphic design

Always remember that branding is all about creating the impression.

When you present your business in front of others, it should be lucrative and engaging enough to pull the right target audience and start talking about your brand. People will notice you only if your appeal is great.

Not to put a judgment sword on someone, but on a professional level, it is recommended to be more practical and understand the fact that a low-cost graphic designer is unlikely to treat the design with heart and soul.

Do you really want to pay less to get something made without strategic planning? A bad graphic design will destroy all your efforts of creating a good first impression for your brand.

Difficult to establish the identity

After making the first impression (which is supposed to be a strong and memorable one), what businesses need to emphasize next on is the reminder.

In order to create a brand identity, it is imperative that your customers remember your brand even after days of your first appearance.

Now, with so much competition across industries, it is difficult to create a solid identity for your brand.

cost of bad graphic design

This is where you will see a stark difference between the effect of a good and a bad graphic design.

With the help of thoughtful design, you can reach out to your target audience in no time because the creative concept will trigger the subconscious of the customer helping them to recall the first impression.

Your clients are looking for that particular product that will help them in their specific needs. But with a bad graphic design, all you get is a low-cost business identity. And that would definitely fail to attract customer attention.

If a business is not well-branded and fails to tell what your company actually does, the visual presentation will make the business have an awful reputation.

So what do you do in such a situation? What should be the right decision to make? How to save your business and brand from getting ruined?

Hire a professional graphic design team

cost of bad graphic design

It is important for every business to ensure that they have the right set of expert resources that understand the difference between good and bad graphic design. They are the ones that will treat your project professionally and ensure that you get a design that is attractive and has a powerful message.

A professional and skilled graphic designer always follows a streamlined procedure. This begins with designing the concept and showing it to you. It will be a representation of your business; like a logo.

It is always a good idea to hire locally when it comes to branding because it is tightly related to the culture, the community, and familiarity. By local it does not mean a small town or a city, it means more related to the culture and the understanding of the market.

To conclude…

We understand that it’s hard to invest the necessary amount to hire a good designer when there are so many ads out there for $5 designs. However, by going down the cheap route you risk wasting a lot of time which, as we know, is money.

Additionally, a bad graphic design will thwart all your future marketing endeavors as well, whenever you decide to use those on a larger media scale.

Again, you may not see it straight away but you may end up with a design that looks irrelevant, cheap, or outdated!

Graphic design is like any other service or product you pay for. And if what you get is not helping you achieve your goal, it’s a huge cost you’ll be bearing for a long time.

So, it is highly advised to invest once in a professional graphic design agency and set your mind at rest or have the cheap version and be prepared for some major headaches frequently.

We at GraphicsZoo have been helping several companies in establishing a brand image for their business. If you are looking to outsource your graphic design services as well, connect with us today at