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How Outsourcing Graphic Design Can Help Entrepreneurs Build a Strong Brand Name - A GraphicsZoo Case Study

How Outsourcing Graphic Design Can Help Entrepreneurs Build a Strong Brand Name - A GraphicsZoo Case Study

The need for good and professional graphic designs is at an all-time high for businesses from every industry segment. With the world accepting digitization for almost every aspect of life, it is important for brands to have unique graphic designs to not just sustain but, stay ahead of the competition.

Now, of course, not all companies have the time or the budget to maintain and manage a dedicated department of graphic design. And, that is why outsourcing graphic design projects come in really handy for such brands.

GraphicsZoo has been providing professional graphic design services to companies from different lines of businesses for a long time now. And, that has helped us understand the niche requirements of every kind of business operation.

Most of such brands are individual entrepreneurs, trying to build a brand name for their business. These are standalone enterprises that are run by (one or a few) individuals. 

However, whether it is a huge MNC with 1000+ employees or a startup idea of one individual, our team of designers at GraphicsZoo has been diligent in offering our professional design services to each.

With over 1700 clients served with 16000+ designs (and counting) so far, we’ve had our fair share of success stories. These stories work as a model of inspiration for our entire team and keep us all motivated to continue the good work that our customers say we do.

Today, we are going to share one such success story with you all to give you the proof of the standard of our graphic design services.

This is a case study of one of our customers who is an independent design artist; running and managing a merchandize design studio. 

Being a merchandise design artist, his customer base includes all such fashion brands that seek custom merchandise design services.

When this client of ours approached us, he was serving just one customer – an established fashion and production company – and was looking to expand the clientele by adding more brands and customers.

However, due to a lack of resources and support, he was not able to provide time and efforts for his business expansion strategies and execution of plans.       

This, eventually, led him to decide to hire a professional design agency that could help him taking care of the design work so he could focus on other aspects of his business.

Being a professional designer himself, this client of ours was a tad picky and cautious with choosing the right outsourcing partner. After several searches and meetings, he finally found his perfect agency partner in GraphicsZoo.

This is a case study on “TheHayzeBrand” and his owner; Andrew Hayze. 

Here’s an overview of how this project unfolded;


Lack of availability of time to focus on the business thwarted Andrew’s business’s progress as a brand. Being extensively caught up in tireless hours of work left him with no time to try and secure new clients.

outsourcing graphic design - case study

“Prior to GraphicsZoo, I accomplished much of my work myself, making my job significantly more labor-intensive. This left me with no time to plan and prepare for work, and I was mostly chasing my tail trying to get all of the work done.” Andrew says

The brand, therefore, was facing two major challenges;

1.Time management with the creation and submission of design projects.

2.Losing out on potential clients to scale the brand.


After several days of searching for the right outsourcing partner for his design services, Andrew found GraphicsZoo and immediately identified the potential he was looking for. 

GraphicsZoo discussed at length and understood the challenges faced by his brand and recommended him the best fit plan for the business. 

Under this plan, Andrew got access to;

- A dedicated designer

- Unlimited designs and revisions

- 5 Design brands (set pattern for specific clients)

- 3 User accounts

- File sharing options in different formats (.png, .jpeg, .svg, .psd)

- Stock photo integration

- A dedicated account manager to overlook the progress of their project.

He used design services by GraphicsZoo to get custom designs for his brand’s clientele in fashion and merchandising, as well as other industries that he was able to acquire with all the spare time in hand.

outsourcing graphic design - case study

“For a business like mine, discomfort allows for growth and ultimately creates something beautiful for the end result. Many times I give the designers illustrations to recreate, merchandise requests, and other marketing efforts for brand development. I go to my designer for anything I can think of.”Andrew shared


As a result of outsourcing graphic design services to GraphicsZoo, our client was able to focus on expanding his brand by acquiring new clients. He was highly impressed with the standard of the services provided by the team at GraphicsZoo.  

In his own words, “Graphics Zoo really helped in providing me with an opportunity to accomplish the things which I couldn’t find time for earlier. I’m assured that once I send a project to Graphics Zoo they are going to work tirelessly to ensure my satisfaction. I am happy with the quality of work and know that I can lean on my designers to accomplish timely and quality work. In turn, I am able to focus on improving my business.”

outsourcing graphic design - case study

With a comprehensive graphic design outsource plan offered by GraphicsZoo, Andrew was able to streamline his design projects and could further help their clients in improving brand image on digital platforms and social media channels. The brand was able to establish a professional graphic design company with quality design work and online marketing graphics.

When asked how much would he rate the services provided by GraphicsZoo, Andrew said “I believe the designers are really focused on delivering quality work and I am overly impressed by the communication from the account managers and designers. So for quality, service, and satisfaction, I can rate Graphics Zoo an A+.”

He further adds,

“I see this relationship blossoming into one that can continue to be great as GraphicsZoo has treated me very well. They do not overpromise but in most cases over-deliver and for that I am thankful. I'd love to be able to continue marketing more in earnest for GraphicsZoo because I believe in the designers, the interface, and the service. I believe, if more businesses knew what GraphicsZoo could do for them they'd be coming to them in mobs for services. I'm just glad to be partnered with them.”

To conclude…

So, this was one of the many success stories of our customers who were able to benefit their brand by outsourcing graphic design services to us. 

If this wasn’t proof enough for you to trust our credibility, check out our customer reviews here to gain a deeper perspective of our work and ethics.

If you are looking to hire a professional design agency to outsource your design projects, consider your search ended here with us at GraphicsZoo. Simply send us an email with your requirements at