How to Check the Quality of Your Business Logo Design?

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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“Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo.” 

- David Airey, author of Logo Design Love,

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, “A business logo is the face of your brand and, is extremely important for the success of your business.”

Simply creating any logo design for your brand and hoping it to work is the same thing as not having a business logo at all; it could be even worse!

Yes! A logo becomes iconic only with time; we don’t deny. But, a logo can always become distinctive and engaging from the very beginning. All you have to do is to ensure that you are following the correct graphic elements and marketing vision while designing the business logo.

A perfectly-created logo is capable of establishing a good rapport with the audience that a company is trying to achieve. But a wrongly designed logo fails to communicate a business message and ultimately harms the business of the company.

GraphicsZoo has helped hundreds of businesses in designing their very own company logos and understands the importance of quality design. We are, therefore, here to show you the most effective ways to check the quality of your business logo design and to ensure it becomes iconic.

In order to check the quality of your business logo design, here are some basic questions which you need to contemplate.

Is it unique?

logo design quality

There are millions of companies operating throughout the world. And you can easily expect thousands of those from the same industry as yours. So, in order to make your own identity and audience segment, you need to create a logo design that has its own uniqueness.

Without a distinct logo design, you may find potential clients and customers having a hard time recognizing your brand, confusing you with another company, and, most importantly, end up going with a competitor rather than choosing your products or services.

In order to ensure that your logo is unique and distinctive, you can take cues from your brand’s positioning and offerings.

  • What is it that your brand offers? 
  • If it’s a product, what is its use? 
  • If it’s a service, what is it solving?

Use these cues and implement them in your logo design to make it unique.


Is it target-specific?

logo design quality

A logo is a way of communicating with your audience and, you definitely can’t afford to communicate with the wrong audience group. In short, your logo needs to be able to connect with the people you are targeting.

Some of the features which play a crucial role in ensuring a target-specific logo design include the colors, the elements, the font, the messaging, etc.

So, let’s say you are into confectionary business selling desserts, both, through online and offline stores. Using vibrant colors such as beige, fuchsia, violet, chocolate, etc. could be a good idea for your business setup. This is mainly because your target audience would connect more with a logo having colors that represent dessert items.

Is it versatile?

logo design quality

As we have mentioned earlier, a business logo is the face of your brand and will be used everywhere you want your brand to be represented.

It could be on the web, on a letterhead, on billboards, in a newspaper, on a brochure, on stationery, or in a video. Your logo can be and should be used on different marketing platforms and, while doing that, it must retain the same messaging with clarity across all the platforms.

Even if you are creating a custom logo design for your business, ensure that it is scalable and transformable. It should be legible and detailed regardless of its size or color.


Is it appropriate?

logo design quality

A very crucial question, apart from ‘how to design a log’, is ‘why to design a logo’.

Logos are the main visual form of communication between a company and its customers! Brand consistency is key when it comes to logo design as they provide insight into your company.

You don’t really need to put a burger in between your logo design just because you sell burgers (Example: McDonald’s). Use the variation and graphic design elements that are appropriate for your logo design. Use visuals for your logo design which helps communicate the right tone and style, and in some way hints at what type of service or product it is representing.

To conclude…

Looking for your next logo design idea? GraphicsZoo can help you with your business logo design with its team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers. Connect with us today at for any kind of graphic design services.