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How To Choose The Best Fonts For Magazine Design?

How To Choose The Best Fonts For Magazine Design?

Typography is one of the key elements in professional graphic design. And, when that design is for a publication magazine, the importance of font style becomes all the more critical. Therefore, giving extra attention to the detailing for the typeface of a magazine design is of great importance. 

Unfortunately, typography or the type of font used for magazine design often gets overlooked; whether it is for print or digital publication. Interestingly, when you select the right font type for the magazine design, it hardly gets noticed; choose incorrectly, and everyone will notice it. 

But with thousands of font choices available today, how can you determine the best ones for your magazine?

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Typography is typically defined as the art and technique of arranging type. It is much more than the design of the letters and characters, which is called the font or typeface. In addition to the font, typography includes other characteristics such as point size, spacing, and line length. 

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But, for now, let’s focus on the topic of discussion for today; how to pick the right font for magazine design?

If you’ve ever worked in editorial design, you have probably struggled with finding fonts that are clear and portray the right mood for your magazine. 

And, so, we decided to share some very basic (yet crucial) tips on choosing the best-fit fonts for your magazine. 

Let’s get started then!


Stick to the brand’s personality 

First and foremost, consider the brand personality of the magazine as a whole. Every font has a personality, and that's a big part of brand design. Make sure that the font you choose resonates with what the brand and magazine stand for. 


Stick to the context

magazine design tips

Communication is the key purpose of typography. The right font will speak to your readership, so choose a font that will connect with them at an emotional level. Consider the context and how the font will function. 


It should support clarity

Make sure the first boxes you check off are readability and legibility. Choose fonts that are easy and enjoyable to read.  Try not to sacrifice functionality for the looks of the magazine. Avoid getting too experimental with the arrangement when it comes to kerning and tracking


Establish contrast 

magazine design tips

Traditionally, it is advised to keep the font limit to 3 different styles. However, that should be done ONLY IF required. Additionally, when using different typefaces for your magazine design, choose fonts that are different enough to create a strong contrast. This will help guide the reader through the magazine. 


Test your design

Never assume that your font choice will provide the look and feel you desire — always test rigorously. 

Check each font at different sizes and weights, italics and bold, and whether your combination of fonts works well together. 

To ensure the best outcome, be sure to test your digital magazine on different devices and browsers and your print magazine on a fictional layout by printing a spread to see how comfortably you can read the copy text. 

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To conclude…

We hope these tips would help you find the best-fit fonts for your magazine design. However, if you are still not sure how to go about picking the perfect font style for your magazine, we can help. Get in touch with us to understand how we can help you with your business designs at