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How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Website

How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Website

One of the most crucial elements of graphic design is the color scheme. Selecting the right kind of color for your website, logo, brand communication, etc. is very critical. Every color, and a combination of colors, has a significant message to convey and you must select the right color for your web designing that will convey your brand message to your audience.

If you have been spinning your head around picking the right kind of color (or combinations) for your website, but have failed to do so, then keep reading this article.

In a simple step-by-step manner, we’ll help you select the right kind of color scheme for your website.

Choosing the right color scheme for your website

Pick your primary color

One of the essential elements of branding is visuals and that directly relates to the color associated with the brand. Think of something like Coca Cola. 

Whenever we think about Coca Cola, the colors red and white flash in front of our eyes. That’s the kind of impact brand color makes on the audience.

As mentioned earlier, every color associates itself with a message. 

For example, Green represents nature, health, tranquility, etc. Similarly, something like a yellow represents cheerfulness, a fresh beginning, optimism, etc.

You need to figure out the message which you want to convey to your audience and how you want them to feel when they visit your website.

choosing color scheme for website design


Expand the color scheme

Now that you have your dominant color for the website, it’s time to pick the supporting colors, to complete your website color scheme, which will complement your primary color. Typically, the recommended count of a color scheme for website design is 3.

Taking the color wheel as your reference point, pick the other two colors ensuring they do not dominate your primary color in contrast and strength.

A triad color scheme format can be applied here wherein you pick the colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel.

choosing color scheme for website design


Ensure using neutral colors

No matter which colors you may choose to build up the color scheme for your website, always ensure that you are using the neutral colors strategically as well. This includes colors White, Black, and Grey.

Neutral colors are useful for your fonts, background, and highlighting important elements. The function of neutral color in modern web design is much like that of white space; which is to give users a break and allow them time to better digest and prioritize information on the page.

choosing color scheme for website design

Placement of your colors

Now that you have built your color scheme for the website, it’s time to decide the placement of your colors. It is equally important to decide where and how you are using your colors on the website.

Primary colors will go to the “main spots” on your web page. You should use these bold, vibrant colors to attract users’ attention and prompt them to take action. Some examples where you can use the primary colors to highlight the information are;

     - CTA buttons

     - Headlines

     - Benefits icons

     - Download forms

Secondary colors are used to highlight the less important information on the website, such as; secondary buttons

     - Subheadings

     - Active menu items

     - Backgrounds

     - Supporting content like FAQs and testimonials.

Neutral colors will most likely be used for text and background but, could come in handy in particularly colorful sections of the site, just to help tone it down and refocus the eye.

Test and update consistently

choosing color scheme for website design

Finally, after painting your entire website with your choice of colors, it’s time to test it. Take feedback from in-house users; such as, your employees, friends, and family members, and see what they have to say about your website as a user.

Execute proper A/B testing for your web design. It’s best to go through this process a couple of times and create a few different color palettes. If one fails to meet all your requirements, you’ll have a plan B.

To conclude...

Picking the right color scheme for your website is extremely important for your business, and we hope this article was able to help you get a fair bit of clarity on picking the right colors for your website. But, if you are still not sure and require professional help, simply connect with our experts at GraphicsZoo.