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How To Maintain Consistency of Your Brand on Social Media Platforms

How To Maintain Consistency of Your Brand on Social Media Platforms

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, and use of social media is following the trend. This has opened doors to most people using digital marketing in increasing the popularity of their brands. Business owners are now free to use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to sell, market, and reach out to customers of different demographics. Therefore, it is time to join the bandwagon if you have not yet utilized free advertisement of your brand through social media.

Social media branding is one area that you should pay extra attention to if you are planning to attract a large following from your clients. Our brains understand and interpret visual images faster than words, so you need to maintain a high standard on the designs that you place on your feeds. This blog will guide you through secrets that leading companies like Coca-cola have used to retain their position in global markets.

1. Choose the Right Networks

It may appear sensible to use all social media platforms to market your brand, but the choice of some specific channels attract a large following than others. For example, Pinterest will be the right fit for a fashion brand while a real estate company may enjoy connections from LinkedIn. You may have a challenge in making progress with your brand if you choose the wrong social media channel for your business.

2. Consistency is the Key

No one is going to take you seriously if your logo design appears different on various social media sites. Therefore, you should always use your brand's name and the logo as your profile picture across all channels. A designer working on your social media pages should maintain consistency in colors, tones, fonts, and styles used on all platforms. Remember that most social media users are more likely to pay attention to visual content on a page than the words, so you should aim at using a design that they will recognize instantly.

3. Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

A professional graphic designer aims at telling a story to your clients through their designs. Therefore, you should hire a designer who highlights the personality of your brand through designs and logos. Remember the more attractive and creative a design looks, the higher the likelihood of generating more clicks. The social media users are also likely to trust a brand that portrays some level of professionalism in their updates.

4. Post Every Day

How will you make your brand known across social media channels if you only post once or twice in a month? Every day updates increase your chances of getting more followers and influencing more customers. You should have knowledge of when to post to attract most shares and likes. For example, posting content between 1 pm to 5 pm will attract more shares than posting early morning. This is because most people are busy on social media when bored or not working.

5. Inform your Online Followers about Your Offline Events and Activities

Your followers on social media deserve to know about your brand and other related significant events. Therefore, you should inform them about trade fairs or community events that you will be participating. Sharing the joy of winning an award with them makes them feel like part of the success too. You can take the chance to market your brand by including a logo and a name to the images or videos that you post on social media channels.


Social media is taking over the branding industry with a bang. Graphic designers have also helped in providing engaging and attractive graphics that communicate the brand’s personality. The use of unique colors, styles, and fonts has also prevailed making it easy for followers to recognize a brand. Contact us at Graphics Zoo for guidance on how to use graphics to promote your brand on social media. Our team is ready to help you maintain consistency in your brand