How To Work On Your Brand's Social Media Aesthetics

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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We all are well aware of the fact that social media started off as an entertainment tool for people to connect and network with friends and families. However, over a period of time, it has evolved into a very powerful marketing tool.

As per several surveys and reports, marketing professionals have accepted and agreed to the fact that social media is very important to their business. 

In fact,

around 90% of businesses use social media as their primary marketing channel.

This brings us to our topic of discussion for today, “Creating Social Media Aesthetics for Your Brand”.

Social media is all about the visual representation of your brand in the form of the content that is shared to provide necessary information to your target audience.

The way the audience sees your business’s content on social media platforms is the main determinant for the success of your brand.

Therefore, to keep your identity on social media consistent and effective, you must develop a brand aesthetic. This aesthetic will make it easier to align your social channels, accurately reflect the tone and style of your business, and establish a memorable presence.

So, how can you create a successful social media aesthetic for your brand? Let’s check it out.

Keep your audience in mind

social media aesthetics

The main objective of creating a presence on social media is to create a loyal customer base for your brand. So, the very first step in developing social media aesthetics is to define your target audience.

You need to understand;

·The personality of your brand (playful, serious, bold, etc.).

·The tonality of your brand message.

·The brand’s value and what it stands for.

·Your target customers’ attitudes, values, interests, and behaviors.

·The type of design styles that would likely catch their attention.

The clearer you get on defining your brand’s identity by segregating the target audience, the easier it will be to establish an appropriate and effective aesthetic for your social media profiles.

Work according to the platform

social media aesthetics

It needs to be understood that every social media platform has its own set of aesthetics and the type of content that is expected from the audience.

For example, LinkedIn is more on the professional side of networking and is a great platform for B2B marketing. However, a platform such as Instagram caters largely to millennials and is effective for B2C marketing. And then you have a platform like Facebook which balances out the two types by catering to almost all kinds of audiences.

Therefore, it is very important that you are clear about the vision for the look and feel of all your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

It should be noted that working on your different social media platforms individually doesn’t imply that aesthetics can be changed. The theme should always be the same. It is only the type of content that you are planning to share which needs to be optimized.

So, for example, you can share elegantly designed product images on your Instagram page while sharing the details of your services in the form of a blog on LinkedIn, and let your customers know about a new product launch by announcing it on Facebook. 

However, while your posts may differ, the profile image, banner design, and font styles can all remain the same.

Picking the color and font

social media aesthetics

As mentioned in the last point, in order to create successful social media aesthetics for your brand, it is essential to be consistent with the color palette and typography.

Both color and font, are two of the basic elements of graphic designing and therefore hold a lot of importance in creating brand aesthetic.

People can associate with different colors for different emotions.  For example:

  • Red is as seen as bold and expresses feelings of excitement, which is why it’s often used in sales.
  • Blue establishes a sense of trust.
  • Yellow is cheerful and happy.
  • Green conveys health, growth, and relaxation.

So, pick a color palette for your aesthetic that represents the tone of your brand while ensuring that it complements your existing brand colors.

Fonts, on the other hand, can also be effective to help customers remember your brand. When it comes to posting on social media, having a unique yet uniform font as an overlay on images can be useful in building your aesthetic.

Check out this blog to know about the main font types for branding and how to use them. 

No harm in taking inspiration

social media aesthetics

Competitor analysis is one of the main parameters to create a successful marketing plan. It’s no different for planning social media aesthetics for your brand.

Getting an understanding of what your competitors are doing that has helped them in attracting a large audience can certainly give you a good idea of what you, too, can do.

It will also be helpful in avoiding any copied work or repetitive action that could push your audience away from your social media pages.

Some of the things you should be considering while taking inspiration are;

- See if there are any font styles or color palettes that jump out to you.

- Be mindful of any colors, designs, or images that grab your attention.

- Consider what emotion you want to evoke from your audience and look for designs that elicit the desired response when you come across them.

You can find design and style inspiration both on and off social media.

To conclude…

Social media has become a very important part of any business operation and you cannot expect to convert your business into a brand unless you have a strong presence on some of the major social media platforms. Therefore, it is essential that you work smartly while creating your brand’s social media aesthetics.

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