Impact of Multimedia Content on The Performance of a Website

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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If you would have told someone back in the day that they could watch videos and install animations to their website, you’d been considered a maniac to say the least. This is because the interface of a website used to be a simple set of coded text on a page with very little formatting. (Yeah! Like those barcodes in the movie Matrix!)

However, as we all know today, the technology evolved substantially giving websites a whole new form of interacting with the users. Today, we can’t even imagine a website without any graphical or visual representation of content.

In fact, visual content is considered to be a more convenient and popular way to communicate with the audience. This visual form of communication is nothing but multimedia content which is used extensively by website owners.

In this article, we will be discussing the impact of multimedia content on a website, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them effectively.

But, first, let’s understand the basic definition of multimedia content.

What is multimedia content?

impact of multimedia

In simplest terms, Multimedia content is the kind of content which uses a combination of different type of content forms, including;

      - Text

      - Image

      - Audio

      - Video

      - Animation

Multimedia can be recorded and played, displayed, interacted with, or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices.

If we have a text with pictures, we have multimedia. If we add a video, we have multimedia. If we use an audio clip from a podcast, we have multimedia.

Now, that we have a clear understanding of what Multimedia content is, let’s dive into the main subject for this article; the impact of multimedia on a website with its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using multimedia

Improves the average time spent by a visitor

impact of multimedia

According to several studies, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. This goes to show the importance of creating a website that is interactive and engaging enough to hold a visitor for a longer time period.

Irrespective of how great your textual content is, if it is not complemented with appropriate and relative visual or multimedia content, the viewers won’t stick to your website for long.

Multimedia content gives readers a reason to stay for a bit longer on the site and look around at your products or your services.

- Good for SEO

impact of multimedia

For the uninitiated, implementing on-page SEO techniques is considered to be one of the best ways of driving traffic to a site; via search engines. Now, in order for search engines to redirect user traffic to your website, they need to understand if your content is relevant to what a user has searched for. And that understanding is done through search crawlers who go through each section of your website content to match it with the searched term.

Now, it is a well-known fact for SEO experts that the search engines notice multimedia content more than anything else since it has a greater impact on overall content. And, therefore, it is important that you add alt text to all multimedia elements you upload on your website.

Additionally, when naming the multimedia files, make sure they are relevant to the content of the page and include image descriptions as they will be found by Google.

Helps with branding

impact of multimedia

As we discussed earlier in this blog, visual communication has become more preferential in the last few years than any other form of communication. So, adding multimedia to your website is can be an effective way of drawing in more viewers and building a name for your brand.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that without these multimedia channels like audio, video, and supporting images it is almost difficult to build brand recognition.

Now, let’s see some – limited, yet potential – disadvantages of multimedia.

Disadvantages of using multimedia

- Page loading time

impact of multimedia

With technology providing super speed to internet users through the optical fiber and other means of internet connections, page load timing may come across as a miser concern to many. But, it is to be noted that multimedia content can play as a huge deterrent in this.

Professional web designers understand this part and, that is why they advise website owners to use optimized multimedia content for web pages.

- Compatibility

impact of multimedia

The compatibility of the multimedia content with the browser type it is being accessed on is also a very common issue that website owners may face.

A very relatable and prominent example to explain this is that of Flash multimedia and Apple devices.  

The websites which include multimedia content that depends on Flash displays incorrectly due to the absence of flash multimedia support on any of the Apple devices.

To conclude…

Multimedia content is important to your website in many ways and can make a solid impact but, can affect negatively as well if not optimized properly. So, it is important to have professionals working on your website design and multimedia content so that you can reap all the benefits.

GraphicsZoo has a team of expert website designers who understand these differences and the techniques to optimize multimedia content for websites. Connect with us today to ensure the multimedia content on your website is making a positive impact.