Importance of Packaging Design for the Success of Your Brand

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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“Good packaging protects your product; great packaging protects your brand.”

Let’s be honest here! A majority of Starbucks’ loyal customers became loyal customers in the first place because of its packaging design. People are simply head over heels to hold that coffee mug in their hands every morning on their way to work. And that’s just one of the many examples which reflect the importance of packaging design which helps to make a brand a success.

The packaging is a way of communicating with the target audience while telling them your brand’s story. And as we have discussed several times in our other blogs, creating a strong brand identity requires good storytelling in order to establish your brand as unique and relevant.

And, this is essential not just for big brands but also for SMEs as well as initial stage startups. In fact, great packaging is especially significant for growing startups because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company's overall appeal.

However, the one thing which needs to be kept in mind and followed diligently while creating packaging design for your product is visual consistency.

What we mean by that is, whether it is your website, social media pages, or print material, there should be a consistency in the appearance of them all. This applies to the packaging of your products as well. If the packaging is consistent with your brand, people who are already familiar with your brand will identify it right away. This makes it easier to stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we will discuss some common yet really important points which establish the importance of packaging design for the success of a brand.

Invokes attraction

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This is a plain and simple human behavior tactic. What looks attractive, different, and fresh do get the attention of people. You must ensure that your packaging design has all the visual elements which align with your customer’s demographics.

For example, packaging for kid products often uses large, bold typography and a colorful style, while products targeting career-oriented adults may use more elegant typography in a more minimal design.

Also, ensure you don’t go overboard with the packaging aesthetics.

Helps with decision making

packaging design tips

Now, once your packaging design is able to attract the customer and get their attention, it is essential to help them make the purchase decision.

Remember that your product will be sitting on the shelf along with several other products of the same category. So, only if your customer is able to find all the relevant information which showcases that your product is safe and provides the solution which the customer is seeking, only then consider your product being sold.

Make sure you are putting up even the smallest of the details such as FDA information and sustainability. This can help you gain your customers’ trust and avoid getting recalled from the shelves.

It’s an effective marketing tool

packaging design tips

Packaging is undoubtedly one of the most underrated marketing tools which not many marketers are able to utilize to its full potential. If designed correctly, the packaging of your product will be able to convey your brand’s message while providing all the possible solutions which your customer might be searching for.

It tells the customer;

·Who is the product for?

·What is the product used for?

·Does it have any limitations?

·What knowledge does one need to use this product?

·Where is the product made?

·Where can one learn more about the manufacturer and purchase companion products?

·When is the product supposed to be used?

·Does it have an expiration date?

·Why this product is the best?

·How will it improve the quality of one’s life?

·Why should one spend their money on this product?

Packaging design is a great canvas for brands to convey a lot about the company. Showcase their logo, brand colors, fonts, etc.

Establish loyalty

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Brand loyalty is something every business aims for in the long run and must create for sustainability. Having a loyal base of customers helps a business grow and a business logo plays an important part in fostering loyalty within your target audience.

If a consumer is satisfied and pleased with the overall packaging of your product, they would certainly like to stick with it for a longer time period.

Well, while all this is understood, the next question in line that arises is, how can you ensure a great packaging design?

Let’s look at that as well.

Keep in mind the target audience

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When we spoke about ensuring audience attraction through packaging design, focusing on the target audience is precisely what it was meant for. You can’t attract a young adult male to buy a new set of shoes if you use cartoon sketches on them (barring exceptions!) and light colors; such as pink or yellow.

You need to keep your target audience in mind while planning the packaging of your product.

Work on value addition

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Does your packaging have something additional that can be of help to the buyer? Does it have a holder to make it easier to carry? Is there an additional piece of cloth in the box to clean the accessories? Is the packaging material eco-friendly or reusable? Do you offer customized packaging design services?

You should consider these factors as well while designing your product packaging.

Invest in professional work

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Professional graphic designers know their craft and they can give you a package design that works. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your packaging as poorly designed ones can break your brand. Experienced designers understand the nuances and importance of using basic graphic design elements. So, don’t shy away from investing in professional work. Consider it to be your long term investment which is likely to provide you higher and continuous returns.

If you are looking to revamp your packaging design, GraphicsZoo can help you with that. We have a team of highly experienced graphic designers who are skilled in all sorts of design works. Check out our complete portfoliohere. Connect with us with your requirements at