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Important Brochure Design Dos and Don’ts to Follow

Important Brochure Design Dos and Don’ts to Follow

As a company, brochures are one of the most useful print marketing tools you can use to share information with your target audience. 

Not only does it helps in promoting your business but, also helps in educating people quickly and in a more digestible format.

Brochures pack a lot of information in a compact way. In fact, compared to other collaterals like posters and business cards, brochures can give you more avenues to inform your target audience about your new products and services. 

However, all these benefits of a brochure are only applicable if the design and print output is targeted and on point. 

What we mean by this is, that none of your marketing plans would succeed in promoting a business and will end up wasting a lot of time and money if the brochure design is ineffective. 

In this blog, we’ll share with you some useful and important brochure design dos and don’ts that you can apply when creating your own brochure design. 


In order to create an effective brochure design, do;

Know the objective

One of the very first things to remember when working on your company brochure design is to stick to the core purpose. 

It is important to understand the objective/goal behind creating those brochures. Being clear on the purpose will help you create targeted messaging and the overall layout.


Focus on the cover

The cover of your company brochure is the first thing that your readers would see and read. It is, therefore, imperative for you to focus on the cover design of your brochure. 

Spend more time designing the cover than designing inner pages and make sure that the cover’s design immediately establishes the agenda for your promotion.

Creating a visually intriguing cover will definitely catch your readers' eyes and get them to start learning more. 

Use only quality images

This goes without saying. Visuals play a huge role in communicating the core message with the least efforts. And, therefore, it is important that not only you use appropriate and relevant images in your brochure design but, also the quality of the images should be high. 

Have a clear Call-to-Action

In reference to the first point discussed in this list of brochure design dos, there is a purpose for which you are creating a brochure. And, therefore, you need to have a significant and clear CTA present on your brochure.

Whether it is you want your customers to call you on a specific number, or visit your new store opening. Make sure you have provided a clear CTA on the brochure.   

Keep the audience in mind

Determine which members of the audience you are going to speak to. This will give you a better idea of how you can approach your audience the way they want. Know who you are aiming your brochure at. Make sure it relates directly to them – how the product or service can satisfy their needs.


In order to create an effective brochure design, don’t;

Use too much text

No one likes to read a document filled with too much text. So, don’t try and tell everything in a brochure.  A brochure overloaded with information is hard to understand, so avoid printing too much copy and keep it concise, using white space to improve the appearance.


Use too many different fonts

In any type of graphic design project, it is highly recommended to restrict the font variations to a maximum of 3 different types (heading, subheading and body). The same applies to a brochure design. 

Try to keep your typeface restricted to fewer than 3 in order to keep it clear and comprehensive. 

Make it all about yourself

One of the biggest and commonest mistakes companies commit while creating marketing designs is keeping themselves in the center of it all. A smart approach, instead, is to keep the audience in mind and address their issues; and how your products/services can help resolve their issues. 

Copy the competition

It’s one thing to take inspiration from successful competitors but, it is not at all recommended to entirely copy what the competition is doing. 

Not only will this lead to the consumers getting confusing but, also may tarnish your brand image and spoil the reputation of your brand forever. 

You should attempt to create a unique brochure design for your company and stand out from the competition. 


To conclude…

If done correctly, a brochure can prove to be a strong marketing tool to upscale your brand name and awareness. It is, therefore, important, especially for small businesses, to be on point with your brochure design. 

If you are looking for professional guidance and support with your graphic design services, we can help. Simply get in touch with us at support@graphicszoo.com