Important Landing Page Design Dos and Don'ts

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the term ‘Landing Page’? For most businesses, it is lead conversion

If that’s the same for you then this blog is a must-read for the success of all your digital ad campaigns. 

In order to have a landing page that works well in terms of converting as many website visitors (or leads) into customers, you need to ensure that it is designed right. 

The design of a landing page is one of the most underrated aspects that is highly ignored by many, which eventually leads to low ROI on ad campaigns. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most crucial dos and don’ts that you should follow when working on your landing page design. 

Landing Page Design Dos

In order to create an effective landing page design, do;

Put up a notice worthy headline 

The headline of your landing page will be one of the very first things that your website visitors would be looking at. Make sure it is attractive enough to entice the visitors to read more. 

landing page design tips

Keep the design consistent

A consistent overall design of your campaign is a must. The visitors must not get a feeling that they have arrived somewhere they didn’t intend to. Make sure the colors, fonts, etc. used to design your landing page are in line with your ad design. 

Keep it simple and easy to comprehend

A cluttered or text-heavy landing page design can confuse the visitors and push them to leave the page almost immediately as they arrive. Make sure there’s enough whitespace used throughout the design to make it easy for the users to read and understand the content information. 

Create dedicated landing pages for every single ad campaign

The one-size-fits-all approach is a strict no-no when creating a landing page. Do put in some effort to make sure you have dedicated landing pages for each of your campaigns. Don’t simply recycle the old landing page for a new campaign. 

landing page design tips

Highlight the benefits clearly

Get straight to the point with all the benefits that the users will get once they convert into a customer. This is an important step in pushing the customer further down the sale funnel and bringing them closer to the final step of conversion. 

Make use of effective CTAs (Call-to-Action) and place them appropriately throughout the page

A powerful call-to-action can drastically increase your conversion rate. Your CTA must be present and visible on every landing page to direct the user to next steps and guide them towards that conversion.

Also, don’t just use the same old boring ‘Submit’ button. Try to make your CTA more attractive by using phrases such as, “I’ll take it” or “Start my free subscription”, etc. 

Optimize your landing page for mobile users 

This goes without even saying! Given the increasing number of mobile users globally, making your landing page design mobile-friendly must be one of the first design priorities. Keep that bounce rate low by making sure your landing page, and all pages that follow, are optimized for mobile viewing.


Landing Page Design Don’ts

In order to create an effective landing page design, don’t;

Lead your website visitors out of the page

It takes a lot of effort (and money, of course) to get those visitors to arrive on your landing page. Don’t just let them get astray. Avoid any such links that would lead them out or away from your website. It may seem like a great place to link landing page content to other content on your site but, don’t do it. 

Just stick to the main objective of creating the landing page in the first place; conversion!

landing page design tips

Ask too much information to get to the final step

If you’re using a form on your landing page, don’t scare away potential conversions with pushy information-gathering fields.  Decide in advance what information is absolutely necessary (name, email address, company name, etc.), and ditch the rest. The more valuable the offer, the more questions you can ask, but make sure to keep this as minimal as possible.

Forget to test your design before making it live

A/B testing is a critical step that every business must take before launching their campaign and going live with their landing page design. 

Try out different kinds of language and change the placement of the CTAs and contact form to see what is most effective. You would be surprised at how even small tweaks to a landing page can drastically affect the conversion rate. 

You’ll only know if a red CTA button vs. a green CTA button works better for your visitors if you test it out.

Make use of terms that may confuse the readers

As a smart business, you should be wary of the knowledge of your consumers. You should not expect them to understand technical terms that only your internal teams would. The copy used in your landing page design must be self-explanatory and easy to understand. 

Trying to impress people with fancy or convoluted language, will only end up confusing your audience and losing leads.

Miss out on thanking the users for their time

Once you get a website visitor to convert into a customer make sure you are acknowledging them with proper gratitude. And, so, once the customer has completed the final step, don’t forget to take them to a thank you page. 

This can be a great platform for you to indulge them more with your brand by encouraging them to continue exploring the rest of your site. 

Try to please any and everyone

The biggest mistake that you can make is trying to appeal to everyone. Examine your target audience. Speak their language and determine what you can do to make your landing page appeal directly to their needs.

Miss out on adding social proof and other trust elements

Customer feedback and reviews can play a huge role in converting a prospect into a loyal customer. And, so, don’t forget to miss out on adding social proof and other trust elements to your landing page design. 

Instead of claiming that your product or service is “the best out there”, let others say it for you. 


To conclude…

These were some of the important landing page design dos and don’ts that every business owner must take into consideration in order to run successful ad campaigns.

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