Quick Tips To Create Engaging Travel Website Design

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by Graphicszoo 14 days ago 5 mins read

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Having a fully functional and engaging website is a must for all companies today, irrespective of the industry they belong to. However, for an industry such as travel and tourism, having a well-designed website is especially important and highly beneficial.


Well, with over 4 billion internet users globally, it is only logical to have a strong digital presence for your company. And, that begins with a well-designed website.

So, today, we’ll be sharing with you some quick and simple tips to create an engaging travel website design that can help you improve your customer conversion rate and establish a brand name at the same time. 

Use engaging multi-media

travel website design

Imagine a text-only website, filled with endless paragraphs of information and destination details. No graphics, no images, no videos…. Nothing! Only text.

Getting the picture!? How’s it looking? Not pretty we believe!

Well, that’s the impact of including multi-media content on your website. This is all the more important if you have to create a travel website design.

Simply because, when a potential customer visits your website, they expect to view and experience the destinations they’d like to visit. They need to get those visual aesthetics to make a decision.

Irrespective of how great your textual content is, if it is not complemented with appropriate and relative visual or multimedia content, the viewers won’t stick to your website for long.

Easy search navigation

travel website design

That’s one of the most essential elements from website design 101.

You don’t want your website visitors to struggle to find the information that they are looking for. It won’t help them stick around for long.

You need to make navigating around your website easy and fun (if possible).

You should be placing all the necessary elements in your travel website design in such a manner that it leads your website visitors to the booking page in the shortest steps possible.

For this, you need to ensure that:

- The menu bar should be easy to locate. It should have all the main pages of your website for the customers to check.

- Build an effective interlink between your different web pages, to make navigation easier.

- Ensure proper and clear CTA alongside or inside the navigation bar.

- Use contrasting colors to highlight your menu bar on the home page.

You need to ensure that your website’s homepage is neat and simple, and not bombarded with animated graphics, in order to ensure clear and simple navigation for your website visitors.

Simple booking method

travel website design

It takes a lot to get a customer to the booking page, especially, when they are taking your services for the first time. Ask any website owner and they’ll agree!

Clearly, you don’t want all that effort, of getting a potential client to the booking page, to go down the drain.

So you need to ensure that once they are on the booking page of your travel website, they don’t have to take several actions to get their bookings done. It should be kept to the minimum.

A lot of travel websites have the tendency of going overboard with booking services by bombarding the customer with a series of variations in their booking process. Don’t do that!

Ask only for the details that are necessary and see if the rest of it can be automated or be kept optional. You can always provide different offer variations through emails or text messages once they convert and become your customers.

Also, the payment method needs to reflect security and credibility.

Use blogs extensively

travel website design

A 2017 report from the Global Economic Impact and Issues showed that 33% of users use travel blogs for advice. 

Including a blog page in your travel website design can be very helpful in terms of knowledge sharing as well as branding.

When you create travel blogs and use them on your website, it operates as a database for your website visitors to understand more about the destinations as well as your services overall. It can also help in generating curiosity and push the customers to make a decision.

Additionally, when you share your blogs on several different platforms across the web, it helps spread the word around as well as establishes a brand name for your travel company.

Consider it a step taken to boost your website SEO as well.

Make it mobile-friendly

travel website design

If having a website a must for companies across industries then, so is making it mobile-friendly.

It is not a secret anymore that a huge number of internet users are accessing the web through their smartphones (more than 50%).

So, it becomes imperative to create a travel website design that is either responsive or adaptive in order to cater to a wider market.

Read our blog to understand the difference between adaptive and responsive website design.

Establish credibility with reviews

travel website design

Irrespective of the kind of business you are into, establishing a trust for your brand in your target audience is one of the prime objectives.

So, when you plan to create a business website it is important to use trust elements generously and strategically to establish credibility for your services.

Customer testimonials and service reviews are great examples of trust elements that you can use in your travel website design.

Reading someone else’s experience can create a huge impact in making a decision and, also, reflecting customer satisfaction and loyalty. These things show that your business is trustworthy and that whatever you are offering is of high quality.

However, it is important that you are not going overboard with the use of such elements simply for the visitor to figure out that all of these are fake. So, ensure that your testimonials and customer reviews are;

  • Relevant
  • To the point.
  • Fresh (latest).

To conclude…

We understand that some of you might be wondering why exactly are we discussing travel website design amidst the current crisis. Who’s going to book a travel package during this global lockdown?

Well, you are definitely not wrong in thinking so.

However, what you also need to understand is that this is all temporary and, sooner or later the world is going to open up again for tourism. And, if you are not ready with all guns blazing, you’d be left behind in the competition.

Your website is one of your most reliable weapons. Make sure it is of high caliber!