Secrets To Professional Stationery Designs  

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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We know you might be thinking, “Why are they talking about stationery designs? How can it possibly be of any importance to my marketing and branding strategies?”

Breaking news!

Having a professionally designed stationery for your office – and business overall – is as important as having a social media profile for your company.

In the age of digital marketing and automation technology, a stationery design might seem less important but, you can be amazed to see the kind of impact a strategically designed stationery can have on your potential client.

How? You ask!

Well, think of all the stationery items that are commonly shared with your clients.

      - Pen

      - Letterhead

      - Notepad

      - Brochure

      - Calendar

      - Flyer

      - Company stamps

These are some of the common stationery items which businesses tend to distribute, not only to their clients but, to their employees well.

Now, imagine the kind of impression you’d leave on a potential client by sharing some official statement on a blandly designed letterhead. Or the image you are drawing for your brand in front of your client by handing over an ill-designed brochure.

Getting the picture?!

So, if you think you’ve been delaying or not paying attention at all to your stationery designs, now is the time to take action. And, in order to help you create winning stationery designs, we bring you some pro tips that you can use.


Play with colors but don’t overdo it

professional stationery design tips

When it comes to designing stationery items, such as letterhead, most companies go with the basic Black, white, and grey designs. So, in order to be recognized in the big pile of many other company documents, use a few splashes of bright, bold colors on your stationery design.

However, it is also important to note that no matter what you design, your stationery item, and logo color combination should complement each other.

Choose fonts wisely

professional stationery design tips

Selecting font styles and sizes that are easy to read is a must. While choosing the font style make sure it's professional and readable.

Of course, it can be tempting to choose a font that seems artistic and attractive. But, while that may look good on the wide and broad background like letterhead, notepad, or banner, it may not necessarily look as good and readable when you print it on a pen or a stamp.

Such things are important to consider.

Also, it should be noted to not use any more than two different font styles in order to have a consistent and readable text.

Pick only high-quality material

professional stationery design tips

To make your personalized stationery designs really stand out, you need to make sure that you use the best materials around.

Thick, luxurious envelopes, high-quality paper, and expert printing will send out a strong positive message about your business, telling your customers and your suppliers that you’re confident, bold, and have good attention to detail.

So, whether it's a pen, notepad, business card, or letterhead, make sure you get high-quality paper or material to print the design for perfection.

You don’t really want to see all your hard work go in vain just because you compromised with the print material quality.

Take professional help

professional stationery design tips

And, finally but, most importantly it is recommended to get your stationery designs done by a professional design agency. Outsourcing graphic design will define whether you will be successful in engaging your potential customers or not.

A professional designer understands the basic nuances of graphic designing and will ensure that your stationery reflects your brand’s personality, whilst giving it a professional and clean look. 

They will choose the perfect color schemes along with the perfect graphics and illustrations, will keep in mind the different sizes of the different materials, and will definitely create some attractive and grandeur results that you cannot create on your own. 

To conclude…

GraphicsZoo is the leading design outsource agency across the US with a team of highly skilled and experienced designers. We can help you get amazing custom stationery designs for your office and business. You can check out our design works in our portfolio sectionhere. To understand our services, contact today at