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Things a Client Must Provide to The Designer – A Designer’s Checklist

Things a Client Must Provide to The Designer – A Designer’s Checklist

Clear communication is one of the most crucial aspects for any project to be successful. And, the same applies between a client and a design agency in order to create relevant and effective graphic designs.

As a client, who’s outsourced graphic design services to an agency, it is important to communicate and share all the details that would help the designer get a clear understanding of the end objective.

This is, basically, a part of the initial preparation for every design project.

The designer must ask the right questions regarding the project and the client must provide all the necessary information.

This is beneficial and important for, both, the client and the designer since both are working together to achieve one end goal.

Sometimes, as a client, you tend to think that the designer would know everything and doesn’t need to know more than what’s been shared over the email. However, such assumptions can cost your brand heftily.

In order to ensure that your project isn’t delayed due to unwanted revisions, you should be proactive in providing some common, yet important, details to the designer; even if they forget to ask for it.

Been working for over 1700 clients, GraphicsZoo understands the importance of accurate and complete information that should come from the client.

So, today, we’ll share a list of 7 such important details that a client should provide to the designer.

Exact requirements

To begin with, it is important for the client to be very clear with their design requirements. 

For instance, if it’s a new and custom website design that the client is looking to get from the agency, it should be communicated accordingly before the assigned designer starts working on it.

Additionally, it is the client’s onus to let the designer know the exact requirements around the design.

So, taking the website design example mentioned earlier, the client must communicate to the designer about what all additional designs would be required to go along with it. Will they need to create logo designs, business card designs (to go along with their business website), landing page designs (for marketing), etc.

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Expectations from the design and the end objective

Another important part of a designer’s checklist for information to be provided by the client is the end goal of the design.

Graphic design is an integral part of the effective marketing and branding of a business. So, every kind of design project carries a specific end objective which the client must share with the designer. 

  • It could be a logo design project for the rebranding of the business.
  • It could be a print design project to spread the word about a new store opening in the neighborhood.
  • It could be a business card design project to establish strong business networking.  

When the designer knows what the client is looking to achieve from the designs, it becomes easier for them to come up with appropriate designs.

Details on the target audience

Arguably, the most important information that the client should communicate to the designer is the details about their target audience. 

As discussed in one of the earlier pointers, graphic design is an integral part of effective marketing and branding for a business. This practically means that a design is targeted for a specific set of consumers who belong to a specific demographic, ethnicity, and have a specific purchasing pattern.

Additionally, it is highly important for a designer to understand clearly who the target audience is, as that will help them use the right graphic design elements in the design.

What type of colors, graphics, illustrations, fonts, etc. will be used in the design would depend a lot on the kind of audience that is been targeted through the design. 

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Project turn-around time

It is understood that, as a client, you’d always want the projects to be completed in the least possible time. However, good graphic designs take time, and rushing things can lead to compromised quality of work. 

Therefore, it is important that clients communicate with the designer and reach a middle ground in terms of the project deadline.

A good way to ensure smooth execution of the project, without unwanted delays, is to set a series of deadlines for different stages of work.

This way, both, the client and designer would know if they are on the right track or not.

The budget

Well, not so specifically for the designer but, understanding what the client’s budget is important for the agency as a unit. 

Understanding the budget lets the design agency to recommend the best possible services the client can get and that would help set realistic goals for both.

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High-quality images

Quality images are as important for good designs as quality coffee beans for the perfect cup of coffee. 

When the designer works on a project given by the client, there are several instances where specific images, icons, or logos might be used. These images and icons need to be provided by the client and must be of high quality.

For example, you cannot simply ask the designer to pick the logo image from your website’s home page.

There is a specific format in which the designer would require these images to be shared with them, and, therefore, the client has to ensure the quality is not compromised.  

Relevant design samples

Yes! Graphic design is all about creativity and uniqueness. However, good references can always help in meeting the exact requirements; and in a lesser time interval.

Sharing relevant design samples and examples for reference can go a long with helping the designer create a design that the client is precisely looking for. It also makes the designer appreciate the support provided by the client and helps build strong credibility for good work.

To conclude…

If you are a designer, make sure you ask all the right questions to the client and get a clear understanding of their requirements. And, if you are a client, make sure you check all these boxes from the designer’s checklist to ensure you get the exact designs as required.

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