Things You Should Definitely Include in a Brochure

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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it’s not exactly “new material,” brochures have evolved significantly in terms of how they look and what they do. The very fact that brochures are still printed up to this day is proof enough that it is, indeed, contributing to marketing success.

Unfortunately, brochures are somewhat underrated – partly because of the emergence of competitive advertising resources we have today that undeniably costs less and reach more. However, there are several reasons why people don’t simply let go of yesterday’s methods and instead, innovate them to keep up with the times today. Just as old songs are still cherished, old marketing strategies remain classic – you just need to make them work.

And, Graphic Zoo knows exactly what to do.

Just to show you a brief overview of how it’s done right, here are some portions a good and effective brochure really needs to have:

An inviting layout

The best brochures have high face validity (sorry for sounding too scientific). If you want to have a good brochure, you need to look the part. The design or layout of the brochure is vital to how it would be received by the public. Does it look interesting enough? Is the front page inviting enough? Think about it.

A short overview of you and your company

Tell people of your history, how you came to be, and how long have you been out in the market. People like good company profiles. It’s a way to show them that you know how things are done because you’ve been doing it forever! However, it’s important to note that this segment has to be kept short. A simple, informative paragraph would do.

Showcase what you came here to do

Who are you and what are you to society? These are two basic questions any business is obliged to answer. In other words, your mission and vision. It should give light to your business function in the most brief and precise way possible. Take Walt Disney’s mission statement as an example:

“…to make people happy.”

It’s short and powerful – and descriptive enough to know what exactly their business is for. Including a short, meaningful statement in your brochure will create additional impact to your target customers.

Highlight company strengths

This is a very important part of your brochure. Carefully analyze your services. Try to classify which ones sell more and which kinds receive positive feedback then include it someplace noticeable in your brochure.

Give ‘em details

A well-structured infographic will be most effective in this case. Know that with a brochure, you have limited space. You cannot include a lot of data without sacrificing some part of the layout. Placing an infographic, either on the front and back page, will help relay the message you want in an understandable and interesting way.

Include positive excerpts from recent surveys

If you have good data from a recent survey available make sure to include some of the results in your brochure. It goes to show how satisfied your customers are with your product and it would give customers a feel of how the product really works for others. Data from opinion polls would create an even bigger impact so make sure not to miss them out.

Feature captured moments

People like visuals; it serves as a window for them to look into your company affairs and understand your company better. Include photos of recent company milestones you’ve overcome or pictures of satisfied customers. It gives a sense of inclusivity and makes them more comfortable seeing the people behind the products and services they pay for.

So if you want to whip up the perfect graphic design for your business brochure, you can always get in touch with us via our website and chat with our accommodating personnel about the products and services we provide. Give us a call, GraphicsZoo has it all.