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Tips to Create Ideal Website Background Design – Design Guide

In this edition of design guide by GraphicsZoo, we’ll be discussing some really helpful tips and ideas to create the ideal (nearly) website background design.

When designing a business website, the background design often gets ignored. This is usually because most business owners do not understand the importance of a website background design.

However, if you go by the latest trends in website designing, especially, the UI/UX design of the website, you’ll see that the background design of a website holds the theme of the website. It can elevate your design, transmit emotions and stories, and add a huge amount of value.        

There are a vast amount of possibilities when designing a website background. And, today, with this article we’ll help you explore some of the best background design options and ways to accomplish them.

Apply subtlety for minimalism

website background design

The main objective of the background design of a website is to ensure clarity in reading the text and finding important information easily. Keeping it simple and subtle (don’t confuse it with plain and boring) can, therefore, actually be a great way to design a website background.

Simple background textures tend to have small or tight repeating patterns and can be almost any color.

The idea is that these background textures aren’t a focal point; they serve to help bring attention to the rest of the design.

This kind of a website background design pattern is best suited for companies dealing in IT, Non-Profit, Organic/Nature, Legal Services, etc.

Use the trends to your advantage

Following what’s trending in background designs for your business website design is always an open-door option. It always works. 

Using a texture that is a part of the current trend makes your custom website design look super-modern and fresh. 

For example, the use of geometric shapes and icons has been a rage in graphic design since the beginning of 2020. You can find several websites that are using these icons not only for their background designs but, also for several other marketing designs.


Incorporate a relevant image

An image can speak a thousand words; but, only if it’s the right image! 

Using a relevant image as your website background design can help in establishing the tone and messaging of your brand. It can communicate what your business stands for to the visitors almost immediately. 

However, it is also important to understand that the image that you choose for the website background must not be the focus area. So, the best way to use such type of background is by blurring the image out a slightly in order for the text on your homepage to pop out.  

Brush up different color variants

The current trends in web design are bringing the concept of a single color back. This is mainly related to what we discussed earlier in point #1. 

The idea behind using a single color (such as plain white) is mainly to make the website look cleaner and elegant in order to give more attention to the content rather than to the design. 

However, keeping a single color background doesn’t really mean that you stick to the two yesteryear shades of white and black.

Colors have a unique psychological impact with every color carrying its own unique emotional significance. So, it can be a good practice to give bright and vibrant colors a try on your website. 

Mix and match tints and tones from the same color palette to create a bold texture from lettering or shapes. Color variations, even those in the same family, can create depth and visual interest. 

Of course, whatever color you choose, it should be contrasting enough to allow customers to read your website content properly.

Be bold and huge

website background design

In contrast to our point #1, maybe subtle isn’t your thing. Businesses that need to be loud and colorful such as fashion, electronics, FMCG, etc. can always opt for big and bold background texture or pattern. 

However, it is highly advised to ensure that your oversized background texture is working in your favor. And, to do that, keep an eye on analytics and user habits, and make the changes accordingly. 

A sharp decrease in traffic or conversions can be a sign of your visuals and users not getting connected.

Use animation to attract

Using a dynamic website background design is another very good way to comply with. Incorporating animation graphics or videos as your website background can actually prove to be very effective. 

They can help convey the brand message or create a brand story.

However, it is important to ensure that this design feature is used appropriately as motion graphics can tend to be highly distracting. And, you don’t want your customers to only focus on the background video and miss all the information you have shared in the front-end.

A good choice for animation or video as the website background design can be one that is not too long, and that perhaps one that has a seamless loop in the beginning and at the end.

So, now that you have understood the tips and tricks to choose the ideal website background design, let’s quickly take a look at some of thebest trends in website background designs.

Website background design - Top trends

·Geometric Shapes


·Liquid Backgrounds

·Images with an overlay


·Full-screen video

·Grey and White

·Hover Animation

·Line Patterns

·Thick Transparencies


To conclude…

The website background design is a very crucial player in building the overall brand identity of your business and ensuring a higher traffic rate. It is a great way, when utilized strategically, to create a unique brand image for your business through custom web design.

The main trick for using textures in your website background design is that they have to be subtle and actually fall into the background so that foreground elements are easy to read and understand.

And, while designing a website background is no rocket science, it certainly requires professional handling.

So, if you are looking for expert intervention for your website background design, then simply send us an email with your requirements at