Top 9 logo design trends for 2020

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A logo is the identity of your brand which your customers tend to relate with. So, if you are planning to outsource graphic designing services or creating it in-house, ensure to give it the same level of importance as any of your other business strategies.

With the beginning of the new decade, we can already see a lot of new updates in logo design trends, making their way to the top charts.

In this article, we will be discussing 9 such top logo design trends for 2020 which you are recommended to include in your marketing plan.

Let's begin!


Going with the animation

Logo design trends 2020

If you thought that logos are supposed to be static lines or symbols, you are not wrong, since that is what has been the accepted ideology within graphic designing. However, the trend is now changing with motion graphics and animation getting utilized to create brand logos.

Video and animation have become an integral part of online marketing and advertising over the last decade. You can see a lot of motion content being shared and consumed by audiences on social media channels. The same has now been transformed into creating a brand identity through logo designing as well.

Several online tools available for graphic designing services are now offering options to create animated logos as well. GraphicsZoo, too, offers animated logo designing services for brands from all industry segments.


Simplistic logo designs

Logo design trends 2020

Oh, yes! While we certainly are mulling over the latest logo design trends for 2020, the good old minimalistic logo designs are still ruling the charts. The use of simple geometrical shapes such as squares, circles, spheres, or even a basic dot or a line is very much in demand among several industry spaces.

Almost every graphic designer, today, tend to make subtle use of such shapes, especially, in creating logo designs. One of the main factors behind the popularity of minimalistic logo designs is the fact that they can easily be implemented in all kinds of brand identity materials without being a distraction.

Amongst people, the line-based logo designs have always been the most preferred ones due to their flexibility to comprehend every basic shape. However, it’s the circle-based logo designs which are racking up their popularity for this decade.


The shades of gradient

Logo design trends 2020

Colors play a very important role in signifying the meaning of logo design. The seamless transitions from one color to another or different nuances of the same color make a logo more dynamic and mesmerizing. And that’s why gradient is going to continue to be a popular pick by most graphic design service providers in 2020.

In gradient logo designs, there are mainly two patterns which you may expect;

  • Multi-color gradient
  • Analogous gradient

While, both the patterns are equally successful and will be in trend for 2020, the multi-colored gradient type has been observed to gain momentum in the past few years; and is expected to continue its rapid growth in 2020.

Responsive logo designs

Logo design trends 2020

This one is more of a need of the hour than a raging trend in logo designing for 2020. With a staggering figure of close to 5 billion internet users globally, companies need to design their websites which are responsive in nature. The same application is now transferring onto the logo design as well.

While the notion was stuck with IT companies only in the past, it has now spread across several industry segments. A very strong example for this is companies in the travel and hospitality sector.

Having a responsive logo design structure is not just a quirky marketing strategy to approach a wider target audience but also highly beneficial in terms of escalating business operations.


Custom font

Logo design trends 2020

Custom fonts, or Logotypes, are specially designed fonts that can be used for creating logos and are a hit within the graphic designing community. A major part of the logo design trends for 2020 is going to be the use of Logotypes, as it is so much easier and simpler for the designers to convey the brand message.

Show it with symbols

Logo design trends 2020

Another from the league of popular logo designs that are going to continue their vogue in 2020 is the symbolic shapes and icons. The use of symbolic shapes to create logo designs are going to see a huge transformation from being simple icons that show what a company does, to something more interactive and show why a company does what it does.

The biggest advantage that symbolic logo designs carry is the quality to merge with other raging trends to enhance their own effect.


Color trends for 2020

Logo design trends 2020

Talking about logo designs trends, they involuntarily involve the aspect of colors used in the logos. And the two shades that will gain a raging popularity in 2020 will be Mustard and Mint.

The color mustard, which reflects the sense of warmth and affection, has lately been used extensively by visual industries such as fashion and interior designing to create their brand logo. The color showcases maturity with positivity and sophistication. As per a few trend pundits, Mustard is going to be the ‘new gold for 2020’.

Mint, on the other hand, is another color that is raging popularity and is going to be an eminent part of the logo design trends for 2020. The color gives out a refreshing vibe and has been a popular pick by industries from health and wellness, DIY, home maintenance, and lifestyle sectors. But, from this year onward, Mint is expected to even break into the field of technology and science.


Vintage will be back

Logo design trends 2020

“Old is gold”. There is a reason why this idiom was created and is used extensively to reflect the affection towards everything retro. In 2020, expect to see a resurgence of the 80s throwback logos with a lot of chrome, a lot of neon and a lot of pixels.

The heritage of the 80s sustains even today due to the tendency of people keeping the collection of items from that era; such as cassette tapes, vinyl, vintage computers, etc. Throwback logos are going to make a huge impact in the logo design trends for 2020. The popularity of vintage logos is mainly due to the fact that they capitalize on the nostalgia factor.


The merger of 3D and gradient

Logo design trends 2020

Earlier in this article, we discussed the effects of using gradient logo designs and how they are going to impact the logo design trends for 2020. Adding another dimension to this trend will be the 3D logo design theme.

The fun of mixing 3D art with the shades of gradient colors will be a part of every graphic design service team in 2020.

3D gradient logos can be tough in print, but they’re perfect for screens. That’s why they’re super popular with brands that don’t need to worry too much (or even at all) about how their logos look in print.

You can expect graphic designer professionals to utilize the full potential of, both, gradient and 3D to create impeccable logo designs for different industries in 2020.


To conclude...

So, are you ready to implement these logo design trends for your 2020 plan? Which one would you like to pick for your brand logo? If you are not sure of it, we can help. GraphicsZoo has a vast team of experienced designers who can help you in creating amazing and on point logo designs for your brand. Connect with us to know more.