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What it Takes to Create the Perfect Email Design for Your Business?

What it Takes to Create the Perfect Email Design for Your Business?

Contrary to the popular belief, email marketing isn’t dead. Email marketing has been a staple online marketing tool for businesses for decades, and it’s still continuing to grow over the past years.

In fact, according to several research studies, there are 2.9 billion email users worldwide as of last year. In comparison, email has more users than any social media site, including the top social media site in the world, Facebook.

And unlike any other online marketing strategies, email marketing sends promotional materials directly to your consumers’ inboxes.

Every business has news or promotional information they need to announce, and what better way to do it than making sure they reach your consumers by directly sending them to their email inboxes?

Other than writing the perfect email, another step further of email marketing is making the most out of it through great email design.

In this article, we’ll discuss what it takes to create the perfect email design for your business. We’ll cover email design basics and the steps on how to do them.



When designing your email content, you need to know how to prioritize certain elements and information so your readers won’t end up confused reading it.

First, is to try to focus your email on one subject at a time.

If you want to convey more information to your readers, try to break them into separate emails. This way, your emails are focused and the more emails you send, the line of communication between you and your readers becomes more frequent and consistent.

Another way to prioritize elements and information in email design is through a visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is the method of arranging information according to its order of importance.

This hierarchy follows an inverted pyramid structure where the most important information is put first, then the supporting details, then the call-to-action. A left-to-right structure can also be utilized for visual hierarchy, as our eyes naturally read the information in this direction.


Use a single column email design

A single-column email design has a set layout, regardless of the medium it’s viewed on. 

Because all information is in one place, the email design becomes easier to navigate and the information easier to follow. 

This layout leads the reader in a single direction, making sure they won’t get lost and they know exactly what to do and where to go when they’re reading your email.


Check your size

email design tips

From desktops to smartphones, emails are viewed from devices of different sizes. To ensure that your email design looks consistent on every device, the following can guide you on how to format your email:

- Width: 600-640 px 

This width is the recommended size for desktop and mobile devices. 

- Height: 300-500 px

This height requirement is only for images or information that need to be seen above the fold. The entire email itself can be as long as needed

- Image resolution: 1200-1280 px

Making the image resolution twice the width of the email enhances the image quality.

- Image file size: 1MB (maximum)

For optimization, file sizes should be kept to a minimum for emails to load faster on every device.

Make it short

In addition to prioritizing email content, you should also keep your emails short and concise. Lengthy emails tend to overwhelm readers, discouraging them from reading your marketing email.

Moreover, the average person only spends a brief moment reading marketing emails. Through design, this can be solved by incorporating eye-catching design elements to keep your readers’ attention.


Divide it into sections

email design tips

For emails of important concern, sometimes you need to put all necessary information in one email for urgency and efficiency. In these situations that you really need to make a lengthy email, you can divide the information into smaller sections.

You can divide your email according to importance (and apply visual hierarchy) or according to the topic. This way, the information in your email is easier to digest, encouraging your readers to read the whole thing.


Put design elements

Now that all necessary content is in place, it’s time to get creative! Putting design elements will enhance your email’s visual appeal, making it more effective to your readers.

- Brand assets

Not necessarily a “design” element, but putting brand assets to your emails are actually crucial so your readers know whose email they are reading. Brand assets can be logos, brand imagery, and so on, that readers can associate to your brand.

- Fonts

Emails are essentially made to be read, so choosing the right fonts is important in email design. It is recommended to only use 2 font styles at most; from serif fonts, sans serif fonts, or combinations of both as they are considered the easiest font styles to read.

- Color palette

Colors enhance email design by giving it its own unique personality that can catch the attention of your readers. Applying a color palette (with a maximum of 3 colors) to your email design can elicit certain emotions and give it a certain character that will make your email more enjoyable for your readers to read.

- Imagery

For some readers, it’s hard to read huge blocks of text without the accompaniment of pictures or illustrations. Imagery enhances the reading experience of your readers not only by making your email look beautiful, but it can also help convey visual information that will make your emails easier to understand.

In conclusion

Creating the perfect email design for your business is easy as long as you prioritize the most important information in your email and try out different design elements that work best for your specific set of readers.

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