30 Things About Professional Graphic Design That Every Aspiring Designer Must Know

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A career as a graphic designer can be appealing for many creative buffs who like to think beyond convention and to play with text, images, and layouts.

However, when it comes to hardcore, professional, graphic design it requires a candidate to be more than just having an artistic flair.

When you are in college, taking a typical graphic design course, there are several skills and facts about graphic design history that is been taught. However, there are some specific things andskills that won’t be taught to you in college.

These lessons are learned on a real-time basis, while you are on job.

Fortunately for you, we have a team of professional designers who, at some point, were at the same stage as you may be right now. We discussed with 10 of our most experienced designers to understand what reality check they got once they got into professional graphic designing.

Here’s a compilation of 30 such things about professional graphic design that every aspiring designer must know.

P.S: these things are not to demotivate or scare you away from taking up this creative profession but, simply to prepare you for what’s to come.

1.It’s almost always about the client

2.You need to keep upgrading your skills

3.You’ll need to keep believing in your work

4.Be ready to endure constructive criticism

5.Be patient

6.Your first design is likely to get rejected

7.Don’t be afraid to ask (the right) questions

8.Make great relations with your team and client

9.You are no more in college. Dress and communicate professionally

10. Always know your creative limitations

11.Don’t hesitate to take an unconventional approach

12.Work with the client. Not against them

13.Own your mistakes and improve

14.Don’t stick around for recognition and praise

15.There is always someone better than you 

16.Know the business you are in

17.It’s alright to have a creative block

18.Keep your design portfolio updated at all times

19.When you are good at something, don’t do it for free!

20.Prioritize your work to keep a balance between personal and professional life

21.It’s not bad to take inspiration from other designs

22.Create your own unique design process and document it for reference

23.You don’t necessarily need a 4-year degree to be a professional designer

24.Try to make a niche for yourself

25.As a designer, you have the potential to make or break history

26.You will not be a marketing professional but, they’d need your services the most

27.Fight your mindset to quit during tough times

28.Your objective should be to get results and not relying on tools

29.You probably won’t become as rich as you may expect

30.“You can be your own boss” is a myth!


To conclude…

As a professional graphic designer, you have the potential to make a name for yourself by building a solid brand name for several businesses. Designers such as Paul Rand, Chip Kidd, Rob Janoff, Saul Bass, etc. are some of the greatest of all time from the field of graphic design. 

Here’s a complete list of20 GOAT graphic designers that you can follow for inspiration.