8 Helpful Tips for Infographic Designs for Your Business

8 Helpful Tips for Infographic Designs for Your Business

We’ve said it before and, we’ll say it again! Graphic design is an important part of effective marketing in the 21st century. Using creatively designed visual communication helps businesses to connect with their audience and become a brand; eventually.

Now, an infographic is one of the most influential forms of effective visual communications for businesses.

So, if we connect all the dots here, we come to the conclusion that creating Infographic designs can prove to be highly influential to successfully establish a unique brand identity for your business.

And, because a well designed Infographic is so important for successful business marketing and branding, it needs to be handled professionally.

So, to help you create amazing Infographic designs for your business, we bring to you 8 helpful tips.

Choose a killer title

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Well, to begin with, the list of Infographic design tips, we recommend you work on your Infographic title.

The title or the headline of your Infographic is as important as any information shared through it. It’s like a blog post you have created to share with your audience. You’d want the audience to get a good understanding of what they are about to read and find information about.

A good Infographic headline should;

- Capture the audience’s attention.

- Give a synopsis of the Infographic.

-Be SEO complied (not more than 70 characters, and must have highly-searched keywords)

Focus more on graphics and less on text

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An Infographic needs to be a self-explanatory piece of visual graphic. And, therefore, it is essential to design the Infographic with lesser text on it so that more focus is on the graphics 

This will, also, help you maintain a good balance of whitespace throughout the design which is again a very crucial element in graphic design.

If your Infographic designs do not carry enough whitespace and be overwhelmed with texts, it will be pretty tough for your audience to comprehend the information you want to share.

Keep your audience in mind

This Infographic design tip goes without saying.

The main objective of an Infographic is to provide important information to your target audience. So, it is imperative to ensure that the type of information is of interest to your audience demographic.

And, what’s even more important is the way you present this information to your audience.

Do they fall in the segment which likes funky and bold graphics as well as color combinations? Are they senior professionals? Do they find it hard to read content on smartphones or laptop screens?

In order to ensure that your Infographic meets its end objective, it is crucial that you keep these things in mind; keep your audience in mind!

Manage the flow

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One of the most important things to keep in mind, while creating Infographic designs, is the flow

No, don’t worry! We are talking about the basic flow of information on the design.

A successful Infographic design is one that the audience finds easy to understand by connecting all the dots in a proper, sequential manner.

A well-defined flow in an Infographic will help the audience build a thought process and pay attention to every detail where you want their focus to be.

Check your statistics

Most Infographic designs are aimed at providing data and statistical information. If that’s the case with your Infographic as well, it is important that you have cross-checked all the data and stats that you are sharing.

This goes without saying that if you share unchecked data information with your target audience it has the potential to harm your brand value substantially.


Credit your sources

Continuing from the last tip, providing appropriate credit to the sources from where you have collected all the data is another very important thing to keep in mind when creating custom Infographic designs.

In fact, it adds a lot to your brand’s credibility and improves the brand’s trust value when your target audience finds the exact source cited on the Infographic. This makes your brand look honest!

Additionally, if your source is a well-established website, you can always approach them to share your Infographic on their page. This is a good way to promote your brand. 

Pick the right color and font combination

Of course! How can we even think of not discussing the importance of colors and typography, two of the basic elements of graphic design, for Infographic designs? 

It is important that you pick your color and font type strategically for the design.

In several of our design guide articles, we have highlighted and emphasized on the point ofcolor psychology. Even earlier in this article, in one of the tips, we highlighted the importance of ensuring the color preferences of your audience.

So, when picking your primary color from the color wheel, make sure it is used to get your audience’s attention on the most important parts of the design. And subsequently, use the secondary or supporting colors.

In the same way, use not more than 3 different font styles for the design, and use the primary font style for the most important information on the Infographic.

Make it shareable

Good content is useless if it does not reach the right set of audience.

You may design an outstanding Infographic for your business but, unless it reaches the masses, it’s of no use. And, the most prominent way to reach the masses today is, of course, through social sharing platforms.

Some of the basic steps you can take to ensure your Infographic is shareable include;

- Making sure the file size and overall dimension of your Infographic is within consumable limits.

- Asking users specifically to share the Infographic.

- Providing appropriate options (CTAs/Buttons/social plugins) to the users to share it.

- Reaching out to relevant sources to check if they’d be interested to feature your Infographic on their page (since you cited them on your design).

To conclude…

Looking to create professional Infographic designs for your business as well? Simply, follow these design tips to create custom Infographic designs for your business.

Alternatively, you can connect with us at support@graphicszoo.com to get your designs done by professionals.