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How to Create Unique Graphic Designs for Your Business to Stand Out

How to Create Unique Graphic Designs for Your Business to Stand Out

Creating unique graphic designs for your business is one of the most efficient ways, in today’s time, to stand out from the crowd and make an identity for your brand.

To begin with, the consumers establish an opinion for a brand on the basis of how to appear through its logo design, website design, business cards design, and brochures design. And, therefore, it is important that every business must adapt to professional graphic designs for their products and services.

Now, with the increasing competition in almost every industry sector, it is imperative for businesses to take extreme measures to distinguish their brand from the competition.

Good and professional graphic designs can help do that.

For example, you may be a French restaurant offering authentic French delicacies in the area but, you may not be the only one serving French food in town.

There is a healthy possibility that there may be several other restaurants across the town who claim to serve authentic French food.

How would you make sure that you have a unique customer base for your restaurant; in that case?

You can very well do that by creating a custom logo design for your restaurant that would identify your business outlet for your customers.

Now, this was just one example showcasing one scenario and solution to create a distinguishing identity for your brand through unique graphic designs.

Today, we’ll discuss at length some more effective ways of creating unique graphic designs for your business to stand out.

Choose chaotic typography

Every graphic designer has a particular (or set of) font that is their favorite and is used in almost all kinds of designs.

Now, while it’s not bad to have a favorite typeface, overusing the same font style everywhere can make you cramp up in a default bracket; which, certainly, no progressive graphic designer would want in their career.

unique graphic designs

Typography is another very important aspect in graphic designing and, if used creatively, can make a huge difference in the success of the overall design.

Lately, one can find a lot of designs where the designer has not shied away from using chaotic typography in order to grab the users’ attention to the design.

Now, that’s one really good inspiration to take into consideration in order to create unique graphic designs for your business.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors

Colors have a targeted psychological impact on the consumers’ ideology and perception towards a brand. And that’s why it is one of the most important elements in graphic design that needs to be focused upon.

The colors that you pick for your graphic designs should ideally match the personality of your brand. However, the good thing about referring to a color palette is that you can choose from a range of different color shades and still stick to your brand colors.

So, let’s say you want to use the color red for your designs then you don’t really have to pick the color red and, maybe rather, try out a shade like crimson or mahogany.

Create atypical layouts

Graphic designers, in order to express uniqueness, are already experimenting with unusual and non-symmetric layouts. 

Many grid-style layouts will be used to place information where you least expect it. These approaches to graphic design break conventional methods of design and make room for innovation.

unique graphic designs

You can reflect your creativity by using recognizable objects in surprising ways. Just as a metaphor or play on words spices up a piece of writing, giving an unexpected interpretation to a familiar image or object can add extra interest and make for an eye-catching design.

Try to have a think about what things are associated with your communication, consider relationships and connections that can be found between two radically different or similar elements.

Reverse play with minimalism and complexity

Just like having a favorite font style, a lot of designers find comfort in minimalistic designs. While there are many who like to go bold with embellishments.

In order to create something unique, it is always a good idea to move out of one’s comfort zone and try the reverse.

unique graphic designs

If you are one of those designers who work with minimalism, try and purposely create a detailed, ornate design.  And if you are all about running with ornate and complex designs, force yourself to simplify.

One may be surprised at what they’re able to learn and accomplish when they try something new.

Create a cocktail of old and new design trends

A very interesting way to create unique graphic designs for your business is by mixing graphic styles from different periods.

This approach helps you create a distinctive design that has a look all its own since you’re mixing elements from different design traditions that are complementary, but that you still won’t usually see together.

The idea, however, is to take inspiration and not simply copy the era’s style completely.

Go analog – add a hand-drawn sketch to the design

Digitization of industries across sectors has made life simpler and faster for professionals. The same has happened with professional graphic designers who, today, have a series ofAI-powered tools and programs to create digital designs.

However, sometimes the blessings can turn into roadblocks. By using the same tools every day, designers fall into the trap of producing the same content every day.

A good way to break that chain of monotony and provide a unique perspective to your business designs is by including hand-drawn sketches.

Hand-drawn text can add a homey, personal tone to your brand’s design, and many businesses are expected to experiment with a variety of hand-drawn texts. 

 Take inspiration and not just copy

There is absolutely no harm in taking inspiration from other’s design works in order to create unique graphic designs for your business. However, there’s always a silver line between taking inspiration and copying the work altogether.

Don’t just steal the style; steal the thinking behind the style. You don’t want to look like your heroes; you want to see like your heroes. If you just mimic the surface of somebody’s work without understanding where they are coming from, your work will never be anything more than a knockoff.

says renowned artist and the author of New York Times bestseller Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon.

The underlying message here is that one should always refrain from plagiarism activities, especially, when it involves business operations.

To conclude…

Graphic design plays a very important role in establishing the overall identity of a brand and therefore it is essential for businesses to ensure their designs look professional and unique.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to get unique graphic designs for your business, look no further. Simply send us an email on support@graphicszoo.com and share your requirements with us.