How to Design Facebook Cover Image- 7 Best Practices to Follow

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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When someone visits your Facebook profile page, your Facebook cover image is the first thing they see. Thanks to its large dimensions (820x312), you can see the cover image clearly without even opening it. 

Facebook cover design has a lot of significance if you have a business page. Your cover design will determine whether someone will scroll down to know more about you or bounce back. 

In other words, your Facebook cover is your first impression; you need to hit the target with it. This is why we are going over 7 crucial points that will help you design the perfect cover image for your Facebook page. 

7 Best Practices to Design Facebook Cover Image 

1. Make Sure the Image Size Is Perfect

You invested in hiring a skilled and professional designer and, got the perfect cover image that represents your brand but, when you try uploading it, Facebook says that it is too big/small. What will your reaction be?

Frustrating, right? 

The ideal size for the Facebook cover image is 820x312 pixels. However, if you are uploading the image from a mobile, it resizes to 640x360 pixels.

So, before getting a cover designed, make sure that it fits the Facebook frame well. 

Check out this blog to understand different social media banner sizes to comply with.


2. Align Your Cover Image Colours with Your Brand Colors

Prospects or customers identify your brand through colors and texts. The last thing you would want to do is to create a color confusion. 

If the colors of your Facebook page design mismatch with that of your cover image then, that would create confusion amongst the prospects. 

Prospects tend to leave the page when they feel baffled. At least keep the base color variant the same as that of your brand. This will help people to identify your brand easily and connect with it. 

So, while you design Facebook cover image, make sure that the colors are appropriately aligned. 

3. Let Visuals Speak more than Text

Cover images do not serve blogging purposes. If you want to talk about your business then, blogs are a good option for you but, don’t add a lot of texts in your cover. 

The 80/20 rule works best for a cover Image. You must blend your cover image with 20% text and 80% visuals. 

Popular websites, such as HubSpot, only add one word in their cover image because they know how human psychology works. 

So, when you design Facebook cover image make sure it is 20% text and 80% visual. 

4. Align Objects on Right Side of the Cover 

Balance is the key to successful graphic design. You need to align your image in a way that people find it easy to glance through. 

Generally, in social media designs, the left side is occupied by the profile picture, which is why some part of the cover gets hidden by the profile picture itself. 

As a business, you don’t want your essential cover message to get blocked by the profile picture itself. 

So, to balance it, you should shift the focus of your visuals and text to the right side. By keeping them right-aligned you can balance the entire page. 


5. Don’t Mix the Content of Profile Picture with Cover Image

Your profile picture serves a different purpose than your cover image.

Just a logo would do well in a profile picture, but the cover image should have some detail that sends a message to the prospects. 

So, make sure that you keep both of them separate from each other. 

6. Use Cover Image to Draw Attention to CTA

If you have noticed, the Facebook page has a Call-to-Action button on the bottom right of the cover. This CTA button helps the prospects in deciding what to do next on your page. 

You can add a link to your website in this CTA button so people can buy stuff or avail your services. You can help them by adding some text or visuals to your cover photo that intrigues them to click the button. 

So, you can get leads by creating a compelling cover photo. 

7. Optimize your Cover Photo Description

Cover photo description plays a huge role in converting a prospect into a customer. If you have mentioned about an offer in the cover image, you can add its link in the description. 

By optimizing your description, you will generate sales right from your cover photo’s caption. 

Bonus Tip

Pin a Post Below Cover Image

You can pin your latest post beneath the cover image. Make sure that the position resonates with the cover image. 

It will help prospects in understanding your latest offer in detail. It will also enhance the authenticity of the offer.


To Conclude

The Facebook cover image is a gold mine for your business. Through this article, you must have learned how you can utilize it optimally and generate sales, and why it is essential to design Facebook cover image to give it a professional look. 

Simply follow these 7 best practices when you next plan to design Facebook cover image and you’ll see a substantial difference in your engagement rate.

And, if you are not sure how to go about creating a successful Facebook cover image design, simply get in touch with us at and one of our design experts will help you get through.