Importance of Having a Professional Business Card Design – Even in 2020

Importance of Having a Professional Business Card Design – Even in 2020

Business cards have been a significant part of any office culture for decades. They have been used as a prominent tool to create a strong network as well as have played a key role in business introductions.

Now, that the world has evolved into the digital space, businesses are now mostly done online. 

Conferences, meetings, and seminars are conducted over digital platforms, which imply that modern business tools like a fax machine, paper, and even physical workplaces are starting to lose their significance.

However, despite all the technological advancements, business cards are still irreplaceable. And, it seems that no amount of automation is going to take their place.

Today, we’ll give you some really strong reasons as to why business cards are as important as ever before and are still relevant in the 21st century.

Reflects professionalism

professional business card design

Okay! So, let’s say you are meeting with a potential client for your graphic design services and you were able to create a great impression with all your skills and design knowledge. Now, before you leave their office they share their business card with you and expect the same in return.

But, wait! You don’t have a business card with you.

What do you do?

Write your contact number on the back of their own business card and give it back to them? Or tell them that you will ‘ping them on WhatsApp’?

Guess, none of the options will get you the deal.

Now, are you able to imagine how unprofessional it sounds when you even think about it as an example?!

Having a well-designed business card with you, always, shows that you are a professional and prepared person; and that you are serious about your job/business.

Creates credibility

professional business card design

Let’s face it, everyone wants to deal with businesses that they can trust. As a customer, everyone wants to see some credibility in the brand before they decide to invest in it. In a B2B interaction, such investments are on a larger scale, so the credibility also has to match that level.

Now, a business card holds all the necessary information about your company which the customer might want to know to have that trust in your brand. They will find your contact details on your business card which makes it easier for them to trust your operational setup.

Additionally, when you are a small business setup or an early-stage startup, your clients may not have any credible information about you. In such cases, a business card is the first impression of your company that a customer or client has.

So, you don’t really want to mess up that first impression and lose your credibility because of an ill-designed business card.

Great for networking

professional business card design

The concept of networking took a paradigm shift with the emergence of social media. Today, most of the networking is happening online.

But, while virtual or online networking has expanded the networking circles of business professionals, it would be unfair to say that face-to-face networking does not exist anymore. The conventional method of physical interaction for business meetings is still considered to be the most impactful way of creating a solid business network.

And, that is why it’s vital to have a tangible tool containing your most important information. 

But what makes it even more impactful is the fact that how well designed your business card is so as to entice your potential client to remember you.


Ease of access

professional business card design

Business cards are meant to be that handy tool of information that can be accessed whenever wanted. You don’t really need an internet connection to visit the website or check the email to collect the contact information of the brand.

Or if you are attending a conference where cell phones are not allowed inside the meeting room, business cards work as a lifesaver to exchange contact and company information.

Also, it’s worth remembering that while it may seem like everyone is constantly connected online, not everyone does have a smartphone.

Business cards are just convenient!

If you meet a potential connection and you don’t have time to stop and chat, a business card can bridge that gap. 

Not being dependent on technology in any way is, in fact, an added advantage for well-designed business cards.

Solid marketing and lead generation tool

professional business card design

Business cards have proved to be one of the best sources for traditional (offline) marketing. The whole idea behind creating and carrying a business card is to create brand awareness and generate sales.

Yes, we agree that SEO, digital marketing, email marketing, and other online marketing methods are more in demand, and in the discussion, with regards to generating leads and creating brand awareness. 

But, none of this matters when it comes to meeting your potential customer face-to-face. 

It is your business card that will be your branding tool at such moments and will work as the most effective way to generate leads.

Creating custom design business cards can play a huge role in winning your clients. 

Experienced designers know that turning your business card into a brochure goes beyond giving contact info and tells the prospective client or customer why they should call you.

If your card lets the recipient know about your extra skill, it helps create referrals. The recipient can refer your business and skills to someone who is looking for those set of skills.

To conclude…

Business cards have been in existence for ages and no amount of technological advancement has been able to uproot their existence. And it’s not expected to happen in the near future as well.

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So, it is important to have a well-designed business card for your company as it will help you build trust and credibility for your business, and will also help do the marketing for your brand.

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