What Google Font Combination Will Work For You in 2020

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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A few weeks back, we shared with you the top 5 font types for all kinds of design needs and how to use them. Adding to that, we now bring you the best fit Google font combination for your website in 2020. 

Choosing the right type of font combination is as important as choosing the color scheme for your website; or any other design theme.

These combinations are mainly to define the title/heading and the content body of your web pages as well as blogs.

Now, you may be wondering why it is important to choose a particular type of font combination. Well, the simple answer is that it is important to match the typography with the theme and genre of your website.

Ask the designer at your firm (or any professional designer as such) and they would tell you that it is, in fact, very crucial to pick the right kind of font combination; and not that anything would work. 

So, cutting the story short and getting straight to the main point, here is a list of some of the top Google font combinations that you can choose from to update your website in 2020.

Open sans condensed + Open Sans

Google font combination

If there’s one font type that you can blindly trust to work for your content’s neat appearance and readability, it’s certainly the Open Sans font.

Unless you are looking for a specific font type (such as a Serif font), the Open Sans along with the open sans condensed font combination should work perfectly fine for any business, blog, landing page, or app.  

Roboto Thin +Roboto regular

Google font combination

The Roboto font family is one of the most versatile of all. With a wide range of font weights, there’s practically no limitation to what the font could be used for. Modern and geometric, yet somehow remaining friendly and dependable, Roboto is a marvel of form and function.

 While this font combination, again, is one that should work just fine for any kind of business genre, it has seen its application used mostly with tech startups, new-age small businesses, or a futuristic brand.

Oswald +EB Garamond

Google font combination

Now, here’s an interesting font combination displaying, both, new-age content design and vintage typography.  

Oswald is a great font for headlines no matter the font-weight or use of caps. Its condensed nature helps it grab attention and pop, but it also makes for a pleasantly unique text as your main body’s font.

EB Garamond is an elegant update of the classic Garamond font. Instantly recognizable and timeless in appearance, this font exudes distinctive professionalism in your typography. Garamond is arguably the most revived typeface in the world and EB is one of those masterpieces.

This pairing works well for professionals dealing with high-end clientele, such as attorneys, real estate agencies, or even upscale boutiques. The versatility of Oswald and the classical look of EB Garamond make for a great product description text where it’s important to emphasize an item of premium quality.

Playfair Display + Source Sans pro

Google font combination

Playfair display is another blast from the past, showcasing the elegance of 18th-century typography. This font, therefore, packs the charm of heritage writing but with a twist of modern-day style.

Source Sans Pro pushes things a tad further into the future, creating an intriguing combination that is ornate while still being utilitarian.

This Google font combination would work really well with product description; especially, for products or services focusing on luxury and appearance.

 Montserrat + Merriweather

Google font combination

This font combination can easily be termed as the favorite pick by most designers. While Montserrat displays versatility and simplicity, Merriweather works as a great companion with its contrasting style and easy readability.

Both the typefaces can be interchanged for their application in headings and the text body.

This particular combination is a nice balance of modern and classic design making it a good fit for an online news source or a publishing agency.

Raleway + Roboto slab

Google font combination

Ah! Another member of the elegant Roboto family. However, the Roboto slab is a variant of the Serif font. The good part about this font is its versatility coupled with a classic style of writing. So, when something like this is paired with the distinctive and bold Raleway, you can get an amazing match of clean and refined typography.

The sophistication attached to Raleway makes it a great fit for products or services aligned with luxury items; such as jewelry or designer clothes.

These two typefaces work well interchangeably as well.


So, there you have it. Now, along with the top font styles for your website, you also have the best Google font combinations to pick from.

Remember that with the right font pairings and usage considerations your online brand can exude professionalism, beauty, and reader friendliness without the need for expensive customized fonts. Additionally, you certainly would want to have a distinguishing typography and content interface in order to avoid letting your audience confuse you for your competitors.

If you are still not sure of the font combination which would work best for your website, simply ask our experts for a solution. Connect at support@graphicszoo.com