Repercussions of a Bad Logo Design (And How To Avoid Them?)

Repercussions of a Bad Logo Design (And How To Avoid Them?)

A business logo is one of the most impactful elements that play a role in creating a brand identity. And, when brands don’t pay attention to their logo design it can have grave consequences and repercussions to their overall marketing strategies.

There are ample examples available depicting bad logo designs. Can you remember what your reaction was when you last saw a very poorly designed logo?

You may not remember the logo but, you may remember that you were either laughing at it or were disgusted by it; so much so that you just wanted to forget it.

It may sound a little harsh but, that’s what the reality about having a bad logo design is.

Now, it’s not really hard to identify a bad logo design. There are certain characteristics attached to it that make them repellent to the audience.

Some of these characteristics of a bad logo design are;

-They are outdated

-The fonts are out of place

-Too many bold colors used

-Absurd symbols

-Unwanted taglines

-Missing hierarchy

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And, then there are several other traits that clearly reflect the poor designing of a business logo.

A bad logo design can have a very strong impact on your business; negatively. So today, in this blog, we’ll share with you how it can impact your brand and how can you avoid them.


Marks your brand as unprofessional

One of the very first impressions that your target audience is going to get about your brand when they see a badly designed logo is that of being utterly unprofessional.

Not only will it lead to rating your brand inferior to all your closest competitors but, also will create a perception that your products/services are of poor quality.

Customers, today, have become really smart in choosing the brand for their needs. And, if they see that a business is not professional enough to put in some effort in creating a captivating logo design, they’d not trust that brand.


Possibility of negative brand identity

Social media trolling through memes and other kinds of posts has become a lethal digital weapon that can destroy the reputation of any brand; irrespective of how big it is.

In such a scenario, if your business logo design is picked up by the trolling brigade, consider your business’s reputation gone into shatters in no time.

A logo design, as mentioned earlier in this article, is one of the most powerful elements that play a crucial role in creating a brand identity for your business.

However, with a bad logo design, that identity can very well turn negative for your business.

People may remember your brand logo but, not for good reasons; rather as a laughing stock. 

Can get outdated soon

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The logo design is supposed to represent your business by communicating well with your target audience and informing them about who you are and what you do. In short, it must communicate the core brand message.

Now, one of the traits of a bad logo design (as listed earlier too) is that it can get outdated pretty soon.

This can lead to a wrong message going out to your target audience.

Of course, retro themes are one of the latest trends in logo designs but, that should be done purposefully and only if it resonates with your core brand message.


Not versatile

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Since a brand logo is the façade of a business, it is commonly used in several places for several different reasons.

Apart from being used on digital platforms, such as website, social media, email, etc. a logo is placed on several different print marketing collaterals as well; such as,

-Business card






-Billboards, etc.

Now, obviously, if your logo design is not done correctly, it may not look and fit the same on each of these different platforms. Therefore, losing its brand consistency.

So, now that you have got a fair idea about all the major repercussions of a bad logo design and how it may impact your business, let’s take a look at how you can avoid this pitfall.

Choose the relevant colors and fonts

Color and typeface are two of the main elements of graphic design and, therefore, are at the core of a logo design process as well.

Colors are known to carry specific emotional relevance which creates a psychological impact on a consumer. This goes to show the importance of choosing the most relevant color for your business logo design.

So, let’s assume you run a clothing line that caters only to women. In that case, selecting female-centric colors for your business logo design would be much more beneficial than picking any random “my favorite” color.

Even the typeface that you use for your logo design (wordmark) plays a crucial role in illustrating a brand persona, authority, and drawing on the emotions of the target audience.

Now,typography involves kerning and leading in the text which works toward providing clarity through whitespace between characters and words.

Not sure what these kerning and leading terms are? Check out this list of 50common graphic design terms to get started.

Picking the right typeface, therefore, plays a very important role in ensuring a great logo design for your brand.


Use the correct symbols

Everylogo design type typically involves a unique symbol or icon for its representation; wordmark or otherwise. So, it is important to pick the correct symbol when creating a custom logo design for your brand.

At times, businesses can get over creative with their choice of icons to represent their logos and, that’s where it can go all wrong.

Such logo designs may seem creative at first but, if they do not justify the actual brand they lose the purpose.

It is, therefore, important to pick the symbol which represents the theme of your brand or the name of your company.   

Take professional help and redesign

Of course, the most recommended way to ensure you don’t end up with a bad logo design is by outsourcing it to a professional agency.

Often, brands, especially small businesses, and startups avoid investing in professional logo design. However, this short term saving may lead to long term losses.

Therefore, letting the experts do the job is way better than experimenting withDIY logo designs for your brand.

Professional design agencies have the experience and resources to understand your brand value and brand message that can be used to create a unique brand identity through a unique logo design.

Check out this detailed article that explainswhy you should invest in professional logo design.

To conclude…

Creating a professional logo design is not as simple as it may seem for many business owners. And, ending up with a bad logo design can really have strong repercussions on your brand’s overall identity and image.

If you are looking for professional support with your brand’s logo design, then we can help. Simply send us an email with your requirements at