10 Logo Design Trends and Predictions for 2021

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by Graphicszoo 15+ days ago 5 mins read

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We all know that change is the only constant in this society and, that’s precisely what defines the core of trends. It’s the same with regard to logo designs.

If you look back at the history and tradition of logo designing, you’d find several brands, which are household names today, who have modified their business logos to match with the latest trends.  

So, with 2020 nearing its end (thank God for that!) and 2021 knocking on our doors, it is the best time, especially, for small business owners to know the expected logo design trends that could become a hit in 2021.

Let’s dig in!

Responsive logo design

A logo is the face of a brand and an entity that helps connect with the audience.

From big screens to smartphones, and everything in between; a logo can be placed, practically, at a lot of places when planning to market a brand.

And, therefore, it is important that logos are designed with a more dynamic approach to ensure they are perfectly responsive when it comes to their execution.

As such, the mobile user base is only going to get bigger with each passing year.

So, even in 2021, you can expect a lot more interaction of users through different sized screens.

Minimalist logo design

logo design trends 2021

Another design trend that will continue, and may even upscale itself, in 2021 is that of minimal design.

A lot of successful brands like Amazon, Apple, McDonald’s, etc. choose to keep their logo design simple and minimal in order to avoid any communication clutter.

With a minimal design approach, it is important to remember that it’s not about cutting the efforts short or being boring with your logo.

Minimalist logo design is all about shredding the unnecessary and extra elements in order for the main message to go across almost at the first sight of the symbol.

Motion logo design

Since logo design is an integral part of graphic design, the changes in its trends are directly associated with the expectedgraphic design trends for 2021.

And, motion graphics, such as animation, gifs, videos, etc. being a solid trend to be expected in graphic design, in 2021, the same should be expected to be a rage for creating unique logo designs in 2021.

Creating engaging designs for your target consumers is the key here. And, that’s why creating a logo design that captures the audiences’ attention through motion and sound, rather than being simply a static image, can help brands a lot.

An animated logo is an opportunity to hold the consumer up for several seconds longer. Consequently, your brand will be remembered.

Hand-made logo design

Sometimes, it’s the art of hand-drawn sketches that prove to be more capable of communicating the real essence and message of a brand; rather than something made from a software tool.

The same applies to creating a custom logo design for a business.

And, that’s the reason why the uniqueness that is achieved through hand-drawn illustrations is something that could be a hot trend in 2021.

Advantages of custom illustrations:

  • they make the logo look more detailed and complex than the logo with icons and fonts,
  • they trigger special feelings (a child-like),
  • they hold the attention, which improves the awareness.

Having an illustrative logo design through hand-made sketches can help get more attraction from potential customers, given the rapidly advancing digital technology in the 21st century.

Asymmetric logo design

Most of the tutorials on how to design a logo would tell you to be very precise with the symmetry of the design. However, in order to be unique, some barriers are required to be broken and some rules are meant to be bent slightly.

Not to say that you go ahead and apply DIY logo designs for your brand (No! that’s not going to help much).

But, even professional graphic designers, today, understands the precision of using asymmetric structuring to enhance its visibility. 

Losing on the overall symmetry of the design deliberately can actually help in adding a creative twist to the overall design.

Geometrical logo design

logo design trends 2021

Using geometric shapes in graphic designs is one trend that has emerged boldly in 2020 and, is expected to only grow in demand by next year.

Just like the colors carry a psychological impact on consumers’ behavior and decision making, geometric shapes are known to signify unique characteristics. For example;

  • Rectangle and Square – efficiency, strength, and professionalism
  • Triangle (upright) – tension, stability, and change
  • Triangle (inverse) – instability
  • Circle – continuity, protection, and standing out
  • Organic and Spiral – fluid and whimsical

When done right, geometric shapes can capture the essence of the brand they represent in a conceptual and elegant way.

Gradient logo design

logo design trends 2021

Continuing from our reference of the impact of using colors in graphic design from the last point, gradient is another logo design trend to watch out for in 2021.

The use of gradients in different forms of graphic design has been a popular trend for some time now; especially, after it got noticed in Instagram logo design.

The fact that gradient doesn’t really make use of different colors but, different saturation levels of a single hue, makes a logo design looks more lively, fresh, playful, and unique; in short, it makes a logo design look attractive. 

Symbolic logo design

The use of symbolic logo designs may not be a new trend; with big brands like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks using it successfully.

However, in 2021, it’s expected to go a notch above by making the symbols blend more significantly with the remaining design elements.

It is expected that brands would be smarter in using symbols to explain not just what they specialize in but, also why they are the specialists.

This can be achieved by blending the symbols (or icons) with the typography of the logo design.

Custom typography logo design

Talking oftypography in graphic design, using custom and unique typography will be another logo design trend to gain popularity in 2021.

Now, we know, you’d say “But, aren’t wordmark and lettermark already two of the populartypes of logo designs?”

Of course, they are! And, just like the trend of gradient design, the typeface is also one of the logo design trends to gain even more attention in the coming year.

One of the main reasons why brands would stick to this trend is the advantage of creating their own font that could help a lot in distinguishing them from the competition.

Brands like Netflix, Uber, Airbnb chose to reject, both, serif and sans-serif fonts available and simply went through the trouble of creating their own; only to make themselves distinguished among the digital world full of logos using Helvetica, Trajan, and Garamond.

Negative space logo design

Since we are discussing trends that have been active for some years now, it is only right to include another such trend that is expected to remain solid for logo design even in 2021.

Yes, we are talking about the use of negative space; a trend that can, in fact, arguably be considered as the steadiest trend in logo designing.

Interestingly, it’s the complexity and hidden message behind such logo designs that actually work in their favor.

When you make a user question, “what exactly am I missing here?”, they automatically tend to pay more attention to the logo design.

To conclude…

Designing a logo is all about using your creativity to ensure your business turns into a well-known brand and attracts the right set of audience. These logo design trends for 2021 are such creative angles that are expected to give your business that much required boost.

If you are looking to get professional help with your logo design, simply let us know at support@graphicszoo.co